Cost for sellers on e.bay UK/where are you located.

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If you are finding it expensive listing Items on e.bay at normal prices then keep a lookout for the promo days e.bay do. This way you can get all your items listed at any price for a low fee. As there are lots listed on these days the % of sales goes down but waying it up agaist a normal listing weeks costs. You will find you make more money.

Also im trying to get e.bay to improve letting people know where they are located. As a regular seller im always getting problems with non payers from overseas who dont realise how expensive it is to post items abroad from the uk when they are heavy and especially over 2 kilo. If you agree please e.mail e.bay in there sujestion section. As i think it would be a good idea to run a flag against your user id to what country you are in. Then if you are selling an item thats going to be expensive on post you can at least easily see if somebody is in the usa/japan/china ect, and contact them about the shipping cost to avoid all the hassle of non payment after the item finishes. I think this would help everybody as how many people just bid and dont read or ask about the cost of posting then get a shock when there £15 item cost £40 to post and they dont want to pay even though that is the cost. This then means you have to file non payment to get your costs back from e.bay and a number of good customers then get struck off for a genuine mistake.Because if you offer world wide posting if somebody is searching from abroard your item will be offered to them by e.bay yet quite often they dont realise where you are located.

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