Costly mistake buying Sun Alton Towers Tickets on eBay

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We purchased some free sun Alton towers tickets in May from a seller on eBay for a date in September. 
We went in September, tried scanning them at the gate. They both came up 'ticket cancelled' 
A member of staff asked where I had got them so I innocently said the sun newspaper. 
She disappeared with them. 15 mins later a 'loss prevention officer' took us to one side. He was holding an A4 print out that clearly had the seller id, eBay listing no and date of sale. I admitted to buying them on eBay and he explained that the tickets clearly stated not for resale. 
He offered us entry into the park for £25 each. 
We were screwed as I had no 2 4 1 vouchers with me. We travelled 5 hrs to get there so we might as well go in. 
He said they were able to see the ref no of ticket on eBay picture and it was traced that way. 
I emailed the seller to let her now (chelseagirl1818)  but in true eBay style, no response was received. 
Alton towers are really cracking down so please all be careful when buying these tickets.
This is no myth, it really is happening.
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