Counterfeit Fake A8 Bang & Olufsen Headphones

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Please be aware anyone who is considering buying B&O A8 headphones on Ebay that unless you pay close to what they actually sell for on the high street then the chances are they are fake. I bought a pair (yes  I'm a mug) from a UK seller and they although they came in a box and the sound was good, they were poorly made and actually broke and fell apart within weeks - the real B&O A8s are engineered to last and come with a warranty card and serial number.

I bought from a UK seller (i.mode) who claimed that his A8s were, and I quote: '100% authentic', and I believed it because they were a UK seller. I have emailed them many times to ask for a refund but surprise surprise - no reply.

I would say that all the B&O headphones coming from the Far East are fake, but it appears that now you can also get hold of fake B&O A8s from UK sellers - and who wants that?

I'm surprised Ebay doesn't clamp down on the amount of fake goods being sold, it's getting worse by the week.

So a word of warning to any new ebayers - if it looks too good to be true, then the chances are it is. Don't waste your money on fake goods, they are not even worth the money you are parting with as they are always of far inferior quality.

Afterall, these unscrupulous ebay traders are the same people who only yesterday were selling their goods out of the back of vans in pub car parks.

Lets do all we can to stop counterfeit goods being sold on EBay PLEASE!!!

April 2008 update:

Just did a search for B&O A8 out of curiosity and every single search result was a FAKE.

Please be aware that any genuine A8 packaging DOES NOT have the outer brown box. This is a sure sign of a Counterfeit. The phones should come with a serial number and warranty. If in doubt, ask. Remember, you get what you pay for. A8s are quality phones and dealers would expect at least the going rate for them (£130). B&O are very strict with their supply lines, after all they are a prestige manufacturer.

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