Counterfeit Fake Illegal DVDs on ebay - New Releases

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I have bought several DVDs on ebay and have a couple of times ended up with fake DVDs from fraudulent sellers. The problem when this happens is that although you can inform ebay, by warning others in the form of leaving negative feedback, you risk getting negative feedback from the seller in retaliation, unfair but true! The best way to deal with this is to be aware before you bid. There are several things to look out for with people selling these DVDs:

Firstly, the seller cn have many auctions at a low price for a newly released title

Secondly, and usually a good indicator is that the DVD doesn't come with a case, it is the disc only. Why would they only have the disc if they have so many titles available? Did they lose all the cases? I don't think so

Thirdly, look at the feedback for the seller. If they are a new seller selling new titles, I would be suspicious, and if not they are likely to have some negaive feedback comments warning people. These sellers are not likely to last long on ebay so are likely to be new.

In my opinion, if you want to watch a DVD, it might be best to look for a DVD described as used and watched once. If someone is trying to sell fakes, I feel it is less likely that they would be described as used. I hope this guide helps to avoid getting caught out by this type of seller. If this was helpful please click 'yes' below

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