Counterfeit Handbags

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Hi there, I'm hoping to help girls who are looking to buy authentic handbags, but are finding that its a 'minefield' with the number of fakes/counterfeits being sold. There are so many people being caught out - and spending their hard-earned cash on fakes - it makes me so very mad. An authentic bag is wonderful - just the difference you'll feel when you buy one - the leather, the smell, the workmanship etc., its worth it!!

For many, EBay is a great place to buy and often you can find a good deal in an authentic bag. Unfortunately, you can also find that you are in receipt of a fake.

My area of expertise is in Chloe, Mulberry and Balenciaga, although I do have knowledge of other Design Houses. I'm not a seller, I'm a collector, and I'm an active member of the Purse Forum. For anyone considering buying a designer bag - its a very good idea to visit the Purse Forum - there you can have your bag authenticated - free of charge - and that way you will save yourself the heartache of perhaps buying a fake.

There are so many different things to look for when buying an authentic designer bag. There are many Guides which may give you pointers and hints and tips - some of them - though not all of them are valid. These days there are fakes, good fakes and unfortunately superfakes. Don't be fooled by people who state in their listings that you can take the bag and have it authenticated 'in store'. Many, many designers will not do this - Chloe for one, will not authenticate in store - its against their policy due to the high number of fakes being sold. Mulberry can authenticate in store - but there are many other designers who follow with Chloe and just won't do it. Therefore, you will not - in many cases - be able to have it authenticated in person. Also - please be aware that although a seller may have a receipt - this may not be for the item which is being sold - but may be for another item, or may in fact be a fake - its possible for people to make up fake receipts - in fact there are websites where you can buy the materials to do just that. Nowadays its now even possible to fake a 'till' receipt. A receipt is not a guarantee of authenticity - it should be used in conjunction with the main criteria for authentication - which is detailing on the item - and everything should be taken as a 'whole'.

I don't want to make this a huge long Guide - but an introduction - if anyone is anxious about a bag they are considering, then I urge them to have it checked out - use the Purse Forum. As an alternative, I'm happy for anyone to contact me - and to give anyone advice on their proposed purchase - again totally free of charge.

Don't be afraid to buy a designer bag from EBay - but make sure you check it out thoroughly first - look at the item, the seller, the feedback etc. Has the seller been selling multiples of the same bag, or a lot of designer bags? Are the prices very low? If the answer to these questions is yes - then its time to walk away. No-one has unlimited access to cheap designer bags - it just doesn't happen. There aren't places where you can get 'seconds' - its pure and simple - if a listing is saying that - then the bags are more than likely fake.

There are so many things to look for - this Guide would be ultra ultra long............but if you do have concerns on any listing - please contact me - I'm happy to help, wherever I can.
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