Counterfeit Juicy Couture Watches

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Hi its the nuttyshopper1 here again with a guide to counterfeit Juicy Couture watches!!!

Nothing annoys me more than seeing people being lied to & wasting their money on counterfeit items of course its up to the buyer at the end of the day

Juicy Couture watches are the latest thing to be copied so what to look for.......

The price Juicy watches are not cheap they start at around the £125 price range & go up from there!!!

They are made by the American company Movado

The detail that goes into them is amazing

The boxes they come in are a work of art as you would expect from Juicy

They all come with a manual 

So what to look for:

The straps of the watches have the Juicy JC logo all over them on the underside & there is a number

On the watch buckle you will usually have Juicy engraved

The back of the watch has the Juicy scottie dog logo a serial number

The watch may have a pink card with Juicy Timepiece attached these do get mislaid lol :-)

The box the watch comes in well its totally amazing

If you are unsure of any watches my advice is either go to Juicy Couture website to have a look at the watches or I will try to advise you

Here I will give you some examples of fake watches that you may find on Ebay! (Sorry about the quality of the pics I have had to copy them from other places!!!!)

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nice box!!! Just a terrible fake

This is the one that appears all the time on here its fake the style is similar to one Juicy do but this is a cheap copy.Ask the seller if the watch is made by Movado if they say yes they are not being honest with you!!!!! The box it comes in is cheap & nasty

you can compare the back of this watch with an authentic one below but this is a fake!!!

These pictures are of  a genuine Juicy watch look at the packaging & compare the detail of the watch

The back of an authentic Juicy watchJC logo on the strap

The pink card Juicy logo serial number etc which is on the back

The gorgeous pink box the watch comes in is quilted in the lid & the fabric is like suedette.This box is pink & sits inside the outer box

This is a picture of the outer box which is brown in the top it has TIME FOR COUTURE & the front that folds down has the Juicy Fairytale on it.You have a draw where the manual will be 

The outer box all closed up!!!!


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