Counterfeit goods and eBay

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I won a item which was discribed as being a service manual for my car. It warned about others selling scanned in images of haynes so it sounded good the seller had good feedback from many past happy customers.

The CD arrived and on opening the package I was worried as it was a inkjet printed cd label on the CD I installed and looked over it, it was clearly a pirate copy of the org software I called the company to confirm this, which they did.

I reported the seller for selling pirate / counterfeit software and his other listings where removed to protect buyers and the company which had I guess invested heavy into there product.

I contact PayPal as I had paid via them who refunded my money.

A day later I got a non paying buyer alert from eBay... I explained and told them I had contacted PayPal and they had awarded me a refund as the software should have not even been listed on eBay and the seller had no right to copy of offer it for sale.

About 3 days later I got a email from eBay saying I had not paid the seller and now I was getting a non paying buyer strike!!!! They seller was also awarded his listing fee back!!!! Again I contacted eBay about this and have heard nothing.

The seller has left me bad feedback, calling me a freeloader and saying I tried to blackmail them!!! as a result and I have once again contacted eBay reguarding this matter......recieved the default email about feedback rules..

So abiding by the rules of ebay your not protected!

The Thief who sells stolen copyrighted software seems to be the winner...

1. Gets his listing fee refunded.
2. Not removed from eBay
3. Able to sell stolen copyrighted software at a later date.

Innocent party (Me)

1. Gets Left bad feedback
2. Gets refunded by PayPal which is part of eBay
3. Wasted time in trying to clear name as eBay just dont seem to care.
4. eBay give a non paying buyer strike.

So who gets the better deal here....

My advise to anyone purchasing any kind of software from any seller is to think it worth the bad feedback / counterfeit / and a non paying strike from eBay.....
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