Couture bracelelts - how to spot low quality

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Many people are now selling "couture wrap suede bracelets" and many (including myself) are now offering a free Disney charm or item. This means that the title will contain the words "disney" and "couture" which is perfectly acceptable as you are offering 2 seperate items. Some sellers are not making this clear in their titles many say "couture bracelet disney charm" leading you to possibly think it is made from disney charms when intact you only get 1. Make sure you know EXACTLY what you are buying or bidding on and don't expect it to be a Disney Couture bracelet unless in clearly says. If in any doubt REPORT IT!

How to spot LOW quality suede wrap bracelets

how is it braided? a good quality braid should ;

1 - sit flat with little or no twists

2 - have NO gaps and be tightly braided - bracelets with gape will be prone to snapping as they do not have the 3 strand strength.

3 - be uniform in width through out the bracelet - good quality suede should be the same width

4 - not look like a fish bone - this means the suede is too stiff to braid and will rub on your skin

How do you put it on?

1 - is it knotted? - this means you will need to knot it to keep it on so you will have 1 big knot and 2 smaller ones at each end. Do you want all that bulk on your wrist?!

2 - does it have a metal ring on the ends? - these can come loose and therefore undo your braid!

3 - does it have an extension chain? - the worst thing is finding you have a HUGE or tiny bracelet when its been wrapped round your wrist. you want a perfect fit.

4 - if it has a clasp is it on the end of the suede? - this gives you the MAXIMUM length of suede

how does it look?

1 - does it look soft and keep its shape when unworn? - this means it will be soft to wear. often bracelets that are being worn are unable to hold their shape unless they are secured round a wrist.

2 - how many times does it wrap around?

3 - how many charms do you get?

4 - are charms evenly spaced? - this will give a better look when worn



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