Cover Your Own

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I thought I'd write this more as simple advice, Than  written in stone fact.
This account is my wife's and between us we have over 3 years buying and selling experience. Ok I have the selling experience my wife has the buying experience.
Recently I sold on Ebay through my wife's account and Looking at our recent history I realised a helluva lot of sellers are leaving themselves open to fraud, Admittedly Royal Mail is not 100% efficient but for small packages it's the only choice. Now we've had our share of items not recieved thankfully most have been covered via insurance But, and this is important! Sellers who write in they are not responible for items and use the line 'I always obtain proof of postage' Well that's worth ZIP, We as sellers ARE responsible. It's our A$$ that should be covered not the buyers. I posted 12 items on 26-04-07. 9 were PSP games, 4 were parcels, It cost me £1.40 first class recorded plus the cost of padded envelopes. So including insurance (inc. in recorded delivery) It cost MY buyers £2 per item. A better price than those who TRY get people to pay for seperate insurance.
Second my parcels ( I didn't watch the weight) Were 1 Gizmondo + accessories, 1 Gp2x + accesories, 1 N-gage + acc. and finally a Neo Geo pocket, Now each including boxes and special delivery (before 1pm) Cost around £7 per buyer. (£6 post cost) Yet I see plenty of sellers charging anywhere upto £10 or more. Without insurance I'd be leaving myself open. But at a very reasonible price everyone including me are covered incase Royal Mail mess up.
So If your reading this and sell on here Send it recorded or better, not for the buyers sake but your own. Because proof of postage on it's own isn't worth the paper it's printed on.
Also I'm sure the buyer will be happier using insured post at realisitc prices.
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