Coveting The Latest Chloe/Mulberry/LV Bag...Be Careful!

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As a lover of designer clothing and bags I am always on the look for that latest must have and know that I'm certainly not alone in this! My weekends are spent browsing my favourite luxury websites, reading Vogue and Elle and of course shopping

Over the last few years the number of counterfeit bags being sold on eBay has grown and grown to the point where it is increasingly difficult to find the authentic pieces amongst the copies. Sadly there are buyers out there that are being ripped off and conned by sellers so I have put together a little guide which I hope may help some of you being had.

1. If it's too good to be true, then it is! Think logically, why would someone be selling the latest £600 handbag at less than 50%??!! Yes some people start listings at 99p but check their other auctions

2. Designer boutiques/stores sell the Mulberry Roxanne at £595, so how can there be people claiming they are selling authentic bags at £250 buy-it-now. If the bag was authentic they would therefore be selling it at the wholesale cost price. As a guide most stores mark up by between 200% and 300% depending on the brand and item

3. If a seller states they can not verify it's authenticity then take it as red that it's a fake

4. Look at a sellers feedback. If they have private feedback, ask why. Look for any negs which question authenticity of an item.

5. Check the location, if it's far east then be extremely cautious. Not all Hong Kong sellers are counterfeit peddlers but the vast majority are!

6. If you aren't sure then ask the seller where they bought the item and state that you will be taking the bag to be authenticated. If they respond negatively or not all then don't shop with them. An honest seller will be happy to tell you where they bought the bag and would certainly have no problem with you checking it's authenticity

7. Only ever pay by Paypal! If you pay by cheque, bank transfer or money order and later find the bag to be a copy then you have no come back. At least with Paypal you can launch an investigation and make roads to get your money back

8. Look at what else the seller has. If they have 10 Chloe Paddington bags, Mulberry Roxanne's or Louis Vuitton Murakami bags then there's a good chance they are selling copies. Most retail outlets are restricted with how many of a particular piece they can have so how has this person come up with multiple's at bargain prices??

9. Check the seller's previous listings to see what they have sold. If they have previously sold high end designer clothing and bags chances are they are reputable

10. Just remember that you worked for your money and whilst we all want that elusive bargain most of us don't want counterfeit junk! If you aren't sure then ask the opinion of a reputable designer seller you may know or walk away until you can get the bag you truly desire

11. **UPDATE** The latest scam is to photograph an authentic Chloe equestrian bag and pass that off as the bag you will receive when in fact you will be receiving a cheap copy. There are a number of sellers sharing photos of bags.............please be very wary

eBay is a great place to nab a bargain find, it's fun and there are loads of great sellers out there but be cautious and don't leave your common sense off when you turn you computer on :0)


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