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Although I’m writing this review for the Dell Dimension 8300 model these comments are more in relation to the Dell purchasing ‘experience’ than any specific product. If you specifically want to ask me about the 8300 model I will be happy to reply to any questions.

I decided to buy a new PC earlier this year when I decided that my old PC was well past its ‘use-by’ date. My price range was £750 - £1000 and I needed a machine that had a decent amount of processing power and memory, preferably with a flat screen monitor and a good graphics card. Other than that I was expecting the usual components; CD writer, hard disk, etc. etc.

I started looking around to see what I could get for my money and was frustrated that I couldn’t find a PC with the spec I wanted without having a load of extras that I either already had or didn’t want (‘free’ printers, scanners, speakers, etc), and as such was pushing the price over my limit.

Enter Dell…..

Needing to find something that was less ‘off-the-shelf’ and more ‘customisable’ I tried Dell. Dells concept is that you choose a system that suits your intended use (playing games, for example), and then you configure the exact specification you want. You can either start from a basic configuration, or choose a recommended system (which has some options pre selected), I found that with a ‘recommended system’ you sometimes got a cheaper price. As you choose your specification you can click on the ‘Learn More’ links to get a detailed explanation of each component/option, and if you get completely baffled you can always call their sales line.

As you make your selections you see the price change at the bottom of the screen, and this leads me nicely onto the cost. Dells prices are very competitive and they’ve always got offers on such as ‘double memory’ or ‘free delivery’, but what if you could get 10% off and a free upgrade to a flat screen monitor as well? Sounds too good to be true but that’s what I got thanks to the website. If you visit this site you will see that there is a link to Dell special offers, and at the time I was looking these were the offers they had. So with an extra 10% off I was able to select a few extras like a DVD writer and still only end up with a price tag of £750.

I’m not going to bore you with what I personally chose as a configuration, but I will say that the build quality of their PC’s is very good, and the basic specification of the 8300 is impressive and includes the latest technology. Also, the service you get on their website for tracking your order is excellent and the build/delivery time was very reasonable.

The only negative point I would mention is that people who really do not understand the basic components of a computer will probably struggle with all the options available and the terminology. In these cases I think an ‘off-the-shelf’ package would be a simpler option. Other than that I would recommend Dell as a first-rate suppliers of PC’s. 
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