Create candle tea cups

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Collect the remnants from old candles (preferably scented ones). Next you will need a decorative cup (I usually either search on eBay or car boot sales for these). You can buy pre-waxed wicks (ideally 100 - 120 mm long depending on the depth or your cup), sustainers and strong glue dots. You can purchase these separately, however there are a lot of traders selling kits containing all three of these as a package.
Thread the wax through the sustainer then, using the glue dots, secure to the bottom of the cup. Next heat the wax (if you don't have enough remnants, then add a few cheap tea lights). Beware, the wax gets VERY hot. Make sure you use a suitable container and as a precaution I would recommend you wear heat resistant gloves. 
Finally, pour the wax into the cup ensuring the wick is standing out. It helps to hold the wax for a couple of minutes as the wax cools so you can ensure it stays central.

You don't have to use decorative cups. I have also made candle gifts out of tins, pots, jars, etc. As long as it's a heat and leak proof container the sky the limit!

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