Creative Christmas Ribbon Decorations You Can Make at Home

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Creative Christmas Ribbon Decorations You Can Make at Home

Christmas is when many decide to experiment with decorations. Christmas ribbons represent a classic theme, and the decoration possibilities are virtually limitless. You can decorate both the interior and the exterior with ribbons of different lengths, textures, and materials and create festive scenery that you and your family can enjoy.


Christmas Ribbon Garlands

Use wired Christmas ribbons to create beautiful ribbon garlands - the perfect Christmas decoration. Garlands make great tree decorations and are simple to make. With the aid of a handful of pushpins and wire nails, you can cover just about any surface. For best results, make sure to evenly space out the pins and nails. The garland tails should fall twice the distance compared to the material that hangs between two nails. To avoid damaging the ribbon, secure it around the nails, rather than piercing it. Place it on a mantel, door, or a window frame. Consider using one of the many Merry Christmas ribbons specially made for the season.



Instead of buying, repurpose the candleholders you already have. Bear in mind that the procedure uses glue and gives them a permanent makeover, so only use it on plain votives. Experiment with different ribbons placed horizontally and vertically. Glue each strip separately using a heat-resistant adhesive. A wide Christmas ribbon can cover the whole surface and serve as a nice base for further decoration.


Cake Decorations

Ribbons also find their use in Christmas cake decorations, as they can easily add elaborate details to an otherwise plain frosting. Special Christmas cake ribbons are available in many different designs that both kids and adults can enjoy. Buyers can choose to wrap their cake with themes like cartoon characters celebrating the holiday, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and vintage Christmas-inspired patterns. Alternatively, make a bow and wrap the cake like a Christmas present.


Chair and Table Decorations

To make creative chair covers, simply cut individual pieces of fabric matching the chair dimensions and secure them with a ribbon bow. It is a fast way to create a new look that you can easily take down. A piece of fabric and a ribbon can also create a nice table runner. A vintage Christmas ribbon can make a nice runner for a traditional Christmas meal. You can even use ribbons to adapt existing ones. Secure the ribbons with minimal stitching so that you can reuse the original runners after they serve their purpose.

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