Creative Ways to Wear a Red Bandana

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Creative Ways to Wear a Red Bandana

The classic red bandana is a timeless accessory for men and women. Versatile, colourful, and inexpensive, red bandanas add casual flair to any look. Find new ways to wear your favourite red bandana, and you will probably want to add other colours to your look for even more fun, like pink, purple, or black.


On Your Head

Bandanas make cute headbands. Just comb your hair and roll up your bandana to form a thin headband. Slide the bandana under your hair, and bring each side up to the top of your head. Tie it in the centre for a cute, retro look. Men can sport a du-rag look by folding a red bandana into a triangle. Place the straight part of the triangle over your forehead, and then bring the ends around under your hair and tie them. Bandanas also look cute tied around a ponytail. Simply put your hair in a ponytail using a hair elastic, and then wrap the bandana around it, tying it to secure it. Another option is to tie your bandana around your forehead and slide it to just above your eyebrows, creating a Bohemian look. Put your hair into a bun, and then tie a bandana scarf style around your head for a rockabilly look. Pin the bandana in place with hair pins.


As An Accessory

Wrap a red bandana around your wrist for a funky bracelet, or wear it loosely rolled around your neck as a casual necklace or tied with the point facing down like a scarf. Slip into a pair of distressed jeans, and tie a bandana around your knee. Embellish your handbag by tying a bandana around the handles, or if you are outside and it is dusty, or you are riding a motorcycle, tie a red bandana around your face like a cowboy to protect your nose and mouth.


Creative and Cute Options

Did you know you can tie or sew a few red bandanas together at the corners to make a cute, summery top or a vest? You can also use a bandana as an apron, or fold it into a square and stick it in a pocket, where it peeks out a little bit and adds colour to your outfit. Cut a red bandana into long, thin strips with sewing scissors, and tie the strips onto a pair of plain, plastic flip-flops for affordable, decorative summer footwear. Cut up a bandana to make a fabric flower brooch and then put it on your shirt. Use thin bandana strips as hair ties. Another idea is to weave bandana pieces through braids to add colour. If your dog is feeling left out, tie a red bandana scarf-like around his neck for a cool collar. Bandanas make great impromptu baby bibs, too.

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