Cross Stitch Chart Sellers

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It is such a shame that a few have spoilt it for the many........

Not only has there been an influx of unscrupulous sellers, who have purchased a cheap, 'off the self' cross stitch program which will not offer you the best colour match, clearness of chart and high quality chart,. Calling it a professional program....

They think that any chart will do, and once sold do not care. Always look at the feedback, good sellers have returning customers, also look at the length of time on Ebay, as this can indicate normally which have just ' jumped on the band wagon ' so to speak. ASK which program is used, it should give you the change to evaluate the quality. Stating that it is a professional program, can still mean a cheap over the counter version. In that case you may as well buy it yourself it would work out cheaper that way.

BUT if you want a really professional job, then look to the experts, those who have invested in true professional programs, you can always check them out on the web. That they sew themselves, and therefore should be able to offer you advice and help and original ideas too.

Other pretenders will also stand out, as the pictures that they offer  will also be offered by other long term sellers, meaning that they not only offer cheap fakes, but do not have an original thought either, they can only copy others charts and ideas. Picking what they perceive to be 'Good Sellers'

You want something original and professional, then please read the feedback and ask questions.

A good seller will not only sell but also sew. Just saying they sew is no indication that they do. Asking a few poignant questions will soon tell you if they do.

Also being able to produce in more than just DMC or Anchor, cross stitch or tapestry.. Ask about other treads and charts, a good program will give infinite variation of threads, and be updateable with the latest colours.

If you see charts offered the same as others on the bay, but the seller is only just arrived, them my guess is it is a cheap copy, and the seller  is only after you money, and not interested in the quality of the chart, or how it looks finished, which is the important factor.

You spend hours sewing, do not let it be ruined by cheap unscrupulous sellers.



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