Crystal Power

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The Power Of Crystal

The power of crystal is an area that many people have a keen interest in yet rarely have a definitive answer to, leaving most with the feeling that somehow they are missing a certain something. This certain something may be applied to any area of learning when we first take an interest, it is this something that will continue to spur us on or halt us in our tracks within the leaning process.

Academic learning is based upon the analysis of the written word and material facts. This is what we are taught from childhood and are most comfortable with because it has become an ingrained habit it is a part of the psyche. The word in this sense is ink on paper you can pick it up and put it down time and time again it is familiar its there on demand, whenever you feel the need to pick it up.

Spiritual learning on the other hand is something that has evaded analysis in the written word and has therefore been relegated to those quirky few who society on the whole had liked to label as a fringe element or religiously inclined, not for the serious academically minded intellectual. Education and society has felt only a need to teach us a rudimentary knowledge of spiritual interpretation, whilst actively vilifying the character of those who espouse an alternative interpretation of the term spiritual.

So what is the power of crystal? An analogy for consideration: we are the light bulb, the crystal is the socket, when the two are brought together and the switch is turned on there is light. Parts of a greater whole that function only when the parts are brought together.  

Katrina Rafael thinks that the six sides of the crystal symbolise six chakras, with the termination at the crown connecting with the infinite. Many crystals are milky at the base, gaining greater clarity as they reach the terminated point, just as our dullness of consciousness clears as we grow closer to union with our infinite selves. Then we're better able to reflect the clear white light as we become that light in a physical form. 

Burka thinks, that like the crystal we are constantly channeling and clearing energy by clearing out our emotional pain. As our energy becomes clear we can become a pure channel for universal life energy. She believes that the function of crystal is to maintain the balance of the electro magnetic field; the balance between the electrical energies surrounding the earth and the magnetic energy between the poles. This same spirallling electrical field and magnetic polarity exist within each atom and each subatomic particle, within each cell and each organ, within each living and non living thing, and within the human aura.

In the body at a celular level, this balance is maintained by silica, which has the exact chemical composition as of natural quartz. Hence, the human body may be said to be  like liquid crystal and this may explain why crystal has an effect on our bodies and souls.

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