Crystals and the Aura.

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Wear the crystals below to perform the functions listed -


Amber - A protector.  It aligns the aura with the physical body, mind, and spirit.  It draws off negative energy and so cleans the aura.

Amethyst - Cleanses the aura, heals holes, and protects it, drawing in divine energy.

Apache Tear - Protects the aura from absorbing negative energy.

Jade - Guards the aura against negativity.

Bloodstone - A cleanser that benifits the aura.

Citrine - Cleanses and aligns the aura, filling in gaps.

Fluorite - Provides a psychic shield.

Tourmaline - Heals holes in the aura.

Jet - Protects the aura from other peoples negativity.

Labradorite - Prevents energy leakage, helps to align to spiritual energy.

Magnetite - Strengthens the aura.

Quartz - Cleanses, protects and seals any holes.

Petalite - Releases negative karma.

Smoky Quartz - Grounds energy & dissolves negative patterns within the aura.


Either wear these crystals within a piece of jewellery, carry it in your pocket, or place it within a palms reach of your body.


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