Crystals for illness & Hospitilisation? How to Choose?

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One question which I am often asked is ...

'Which are the best stones for my friend or relative who is ill or hospitilised?'

Also, just as often I am asked 'How do you use crystals to heal?'

I made this the topic of one of my Newsletters and thought I would share it with you here ... Thank you for reading x

During hospitilisation and illness our physical bodies are knocked, circulation affected, energy lacking and Chakras Unbalanced. Therefore to seek stones which help stabilise and rebalance ones physical and emotional self helps to quicken the healing process.

My main emphasis for this is Jaspers . Jaspers are a form of Quartz which have been heated and reheated many a time producing different patterns which we see in them. They also have mixes added during liquid state and reheating naturally with other minerals into the stone which makes so many types available.

All Jaspers are known for their stabilising and balancing affects, ability to clear electromagnetic and environmental pollutions, radiation ... supporting the circulatory, digestive and sexual areas of the body are jaspers main physical qualities.

Red Jasper  is especially useful for Cancer patients and recovering cancer patients. Unakite is fantastic for heart associated healing, old wounds and memories and anyone looking to move forward from experiences in their past. Unakite also encourages progress with people who have been subjected to physical or sexual attacks. It is a very gentle nurturing stone. Both these jaspers encourage re energizing of the body especially when illness has worn the physical body down.

There are so many ways to use and give a gift of gemstones to help a patient or friend; sometimes it is quite overwhelming what to go for. I would consider if they are able to physically hold the stone or if they would need to have someone place the stones on the body for them.

In times of hospitilisation the best advice I can give is to have a stone you can place for a prolonged period on one area of their body and remove for them, use Pendulums or Prayer Beads by their side, or have a statue in the room, close by them constantly.

Jaspers subtle energies work best if given time, so for recovery periods, perhaps a Pendant or Pocket / Thumb / Tumble stone, which can be kept on or around the body all the time would be more suitable.

If you decide to give a statue/ornament as a gift consider what you feel drawn to when you think of the person receiving the gift. Angels are a great friend in times of need. Pocket Angels can be discreet, and larger Angels can be used for groups to focus their prayers or positive intentions for health and recovery.

Wands  are used to focus the crystal energy into a certain point on the body, so these may be useful for more precise ailments and conditions. I hope this information is of use if you or a friend are affected by illness and wish a positive healthy recovery.

Much Health and happiness.

Nikki x

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