Cubic Zirconia vs Crystals

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Cubic Zirconia, or CZ as it is widely known, and crystals are found all over eBay so understandably it can get confusing when you are choosing what to buy. And of course you want it to look beautiful and to last amongst other things.

So what is Cubic Zirconia? 
It is a synthesised material that is hard (slightly harder than most semi precious stones), durable, optically flawless and colourless; comparable to a D on the Diamond's colour grading scale if it is clear, though as you can see from our collection, they can also be of stunning colours.

These are all qualities of diamonds, we hear you say...

And you would be right, but it is without the extra zeros at the end! Thankfully CZ stones are a LOT more economical.

CZ can be found in a wide range of price points depending on their grade. A is the lowest and AAAAA is the highest.

What about Crystals?
There are two types of crystals; Natural and synthetic.

Comparable to CZ is the synthetic crystal but how does it compare?
They are generally cheaper; crystals such as rhinestones also known as the diamanté are widely used in fashion, they are made using glass crystals or acrylic. 

Acrylic rhinestones are backed with a metal coating which give a mirror like effect when they come in contact with the light.

The higher quality crystals are glass rhinestones. The most famous glass rhinestones are the Swarovski crystals. Swarovski uses glass cutting and polishing. Their crystals have a higher amount of lead which increases the refraction index which enhances the crystals sparkle much more than the conventional glass crystals. 

Rhinestones are generally sold by their SS size, which is a gradual size ascension in millimetres. 

So there you have it the difference between the Cubic Zirconia and Synthetic Crystals. 

At Sofia Waldorf we prefer to use Cubic Zirconia as it gives us our desired flawless diamond effect as we always use a higher grade which is hard and durable which work seamlessly with our semi precious and base metal settings and best of all we bring them to you at attainable prices. We hope you love our carefully curated collection as much as we do.

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