Curtains Made Simple - Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have any further questions  on anything below please contact us on 0845 8620743 or send an  eBay Message.

Cancellation of Orders

If you need to alter or cancel your order please let us know ASAP. We can only refund the costs incurred up until this point.

If no work or fabric has been bought then you will receive a 100% refund.

After that only the value of the order less costs incurred up to that point can be refunded. Made-To-Measure products are by their nature unlikely to be able to be resold and therefore we are unable to give a full refund.

Changes To Orders

Changes to orders must be notified as soon as it realised that a mistake has been made. What the changes are and where we are in the production process will effect what can be done. Most of the time we will be able to make the necessary changes.

Cleaning Your Curtains

It is recommended that you do not wash your curtains. They may shrink (unevenly if lined). Vacuuming the curtains on a regular basis will help. If the pressure on the nozzle is too great put a sock over the end of the vacuum cleaner attachment. The washing instructions contained within the fabric information are supplied by the manufacturer and relate purely to the main fabric of the curtain. Washing as stated earlier can result in uneven shrinkage due to the different rates of shrinkage of the lining and interlining materials. If you decide to wash your curtains you do so at your own risk.

Curtains and Sunlight

Sunlight will cause fabric to fade over time. To reduce fading it is recommended that curtains are lined or interlined. In situations where there is a lot of sun, blackout lining maybe more appropriate, especially in a bedroom.

Curtain Heading Fullness

Curtain fullness is the width of material used divided by width of the curtains. For example if the total width of material used is 2.8m (2 x fabric roll width of 1.4m) and you have curtains that are 1.4m wide, then the fullness value is 2. The fullness values of our custom curtains are not fixed, there is an upper value and a lower value. In certain situations we can adjust the fullness value downwards slightly and use one width of material less without sacrificing the appearance of the curtains. This will result in a saving for the customer, something we are sure you will appreciate!

Below are the fullness values for the different heading types....

Pencil Pleat:
The standard fullness is 2.5 but adjustable down to 2.

Double Pinch Pleat:
The standard fullness is 2.5 but adjustable down to 2.3.

Triple Pinch Pleat:
The standard fullness is 2.5 but adjustable down to 2.3.

The standard fullness is 2 but adjustable down to 1.5.

Tab Top:
The standard fullness is 2 but adjustable down to 1.5.

The standard fullness is 2.5 but adjustable down to 2.3.

Curtain & Roman Blind Lining

Plain Lining:
The ivory coloured lining is a high quality lining that looks good, feels good and drapes well. Most importantly it will protect your curtains from sunlight and fading.

Plain Lining and Interlined:
As per plain lining except that it has an additional layer of loosely woven fabric between the main fabric and the lining that gives the hand made curtains a more luxurious and substantial look. It will also provide additional insulation. The hand sewn interlined curtains use a separate 220gsm interlining, this hangs in a slightly more relaxed fashion than the machine sewn interlined curtains.

Blackout Lining:
Finest 3 pass ivory blackout lining, ideal for bedrooms. It has greater insulating properties than plain lining and will provide the main fabric with increased protection against fading by the sun. For roman blinds with blackout lining we hand stab across the rods to minimise light penetration.

Blackout Lining and Interlined:
Hand sewn using the same blackout lining along with the 220gm interlining. It has greater insulating properties than plain lining and interlined and will provide the main fabric with increased protection against fading by the sun. For roman blinds with interlining with blackout lining we hand stab across the rods to minimise light penetration.

Thermal Lining:
The increased insulation is achieved by a fine coating on one side of the lining that reduces drafts coming from your windows.

Thermal Lining and Interlined:
Hand sewn using the same thermal lining along with the 220gm interlining. It will have provide great insulation and substantial looking curtains.

No Lining:
Useful where a light and delicate effect is sought. It must be remembered that the fabric will not be as protected from the sun as if it had a lining and thus will be more prone to fading.

Fire Retardant Blackout Lining:
A 3 pass fire retardant ivory poly/cotton blackout lining that has been treated to conform to BS5867. It should also be noted that we can supply fully treated fire retardant curtains for all our fabrics. For more information go to our hotels, schools, restaurants, pubs and care homes contract curtain page. Up to 30% discount is also available on large orders.

Delivery Time

Delivery time will be 2-4 weeks for made to measure orders after receipt of the order or receipt of the fabric if supplying the fabric. If the fabric requested is not available at the time of order an expected delivery date will be provided.

Delivery of fabric only orders is within 5 working days or less.

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Fabric Colours

We do our best to represent the colour and texture of our fabrics as closely as possible. However we cannot guarantee that there will be no differences between the website image and the actual fabric. Factors such as colour monitors and graphics cards can affect how the colour appears on-screen. Therefore we recommend that you order a fabric sample first.

How Do I Order

Select one of the item listings. If you cannot find the correct size please contact us so that we can create a listing per your specification. Once we have created a listing we will contact you with the item number so that you can complete your purchase. Payment is done using PayPal. You will receive a confirmation email after you have completed your order.


Measuring is probably the most important part of the whole process. It is recommended that you measure a couple of times to reduce the likelihood of error.

For more information go to our  How To Measure Guide.

Please note all measurements must be supplied in centimetres and not inches.


Payment for website orders can only be made using PayPal. If you need to pay by cheque or postal order please contact us.

Receipt & Hanging of Curtains

Every endeavour is made to ensure that your curtains arrive in a satisfactory condition. However there is the possibility of slight creasing where the curtains have been folded. In most cases these will drop out after a few weeks. If necessary the curtains can be ironed on a cool setting on the reverse side. To minimise creasing, hang as soon as possible.


Returns and refunds will only be accepted where we have failed to make goods to your specification or they are faulty. Where incorrect measurements were provided we cannot give refunds. In all cases we will try to work with you to achieve a satisfactory solution to the problem.

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You can order samples, there is a small charge of 50p per sample. To order samples go to  Order Samples.

We recommend ordering samples prior to ordering curtains etc as sometimes the image on the website is slightly different from the actual fabric.

Why do we charge for samples?... Samples are sent out by our fabric suppliers who charge us for this service. Charging for samples is a fairer way of recouping this expense rather than increasing the price of our curtains.


Orders will be returned via courier. If you are out when the courier delivers, a card will be left and a subsequent delivery time can be arranged.

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Suitability of Own Fabric

The fabric you provide must be suitable for use in making curtains or roman blinds, if in doubt ask a knowledgeable friend or send a sample to us. Before you send the fabric check that there are no imperfections and that it is not damaged in any way.

Please make sure that you send the quantity of fabric as per emailed order confirmation.

If we find a problem with the fabric we will contact you. However ultimate responsibility lies with you to ensure that the appropriate fabric of adequate quality and correct quantity is supplied.

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