Cushion Cover Panels

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This guide is to inform individuals that want to get into sewing but are a little wary that they can start to make there own things without feeling anxious about having to fight with a sewing machine.

Cushion cover panels are the easiest way to make your own cushion covers as they are alreadly cut out in a set shape and you can get cushion cover panels in all types of fabrics so there is something for everyone.

People naturally assume that you need a sewing machine to sew things and like myself and I do not get on with sewing machines so the best thing for me is to sew by hand which does limit me but with cushion cover panels alreadly cut out and ready to sew i find it very easy.

My children are big fans of making things so i have found that this is a ideal craft project for me and my family and they have created a number of cushion covers which they have filled themselves and they want to make more.

I will be continously adding more fabrics this week and every week as i have a ton of cushion cover panels cut out in different shapes and sizes.

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