Customer Service is the obligation of the seller

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I am in the process of - I hope - receiving 10 x Nerine Bowdenii from a seller who is new, so I am not including the name of the seller; just in case they do honour their sale.

They state in their Item Listing section that there are 10 x Nerine Bowdenii bulbs for sale.  They say the same thing again in the first few lines of the body of their advertisement.  My opening bid was 50p which was the asking price; however, later in their ad,, they say that each bulb is £1; but they do not provide the facility for the bidder to pay £1!  They do state that they have 10 bulbs for sale but they did not make the sale a multiple item auction.

Perhaps they intended to set up a multiple auction but they did not; they received money from me via PayPal and state in their ad that they usually send out goods the day after receiving the money!  Well I am still waiting for the delivery of the bulbs.  Okay, if they had made a mistake they could have chosen not to accept the money from me and said that they had made a mistake etc., however, they did not, they accepted my money and have not sent the 10 bulbs.  I decided after waiting 8 days to contact them and ask why I had not received my bulbs!  They had the cheek to say that they were new (fair enough).  Moreover, they state in their response to my message that they had not intended to sell the 10 bulbs as a single lot; but rather individually at £1 per bulb!  Okay however, they did not - nor did they allow for the postage they state in their ad.  They invoiced me several times at £1 for postage (though it states in their ad they want you to pay 78p per 5 bulbs).  I did not argue with their persistant request for £1 postage and paid my £1.50p as requested.

In comparison, Dorothy513 sent me free 10 Schizostylis Coccinea Maidens Blush - because we had been trying, unsuccessfully to give me a second chance at buying them for £1 plus £1.95 postage.

Well good customer service or what - I think new sellers should take into consideration that they are new and carry out a simple auction first.  If they get it wrong they should take full responsibility; and send the item they sold as described and bear any loss themselves.

When I made mistakes as a new seller, I sent the goods and accepted responsibility for my sale.  I had miscalculated the postage for an item and ended paying £7 to send an item that including the postage I originally set, postage cost the buyer a total of £5.  I felt that I had no option but to send the item as priced; because they had bid in good faith.  It is up to the seller to correctly price their goods and to set adequate postage so they are not out of pocket.


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