Cut Out Kits for Dolls Houses and Miniature Scenes

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One of the easier kits to produce for your miniature home is cut outs. Reminisant of school days all you need to complete them is something to cut with and something to stick with.


Personally I prefer to use a sharp craft knife and cutting mat, with a metal rule as a guide, probably because I can't cut a straight line to save my life. Sharp pointed scissors are just as effective, provided that you have a steady hand. A metal rule is also useful to get the folds right.


You can use tacky, which is a PVA adhesive or, for small items, a glue stick is far less messy. Whoever invented Pritt Stick really does deserve a medal.


There are many kits on the market, catering for a variety of themes. Office and shop cut outs appear to be the more common, closely followed by cards, pictures and photograghs.

Don't forget that one of the real joys of kits rather than ready made miniature items is that you can always adapt how you use them, making them unique to you.

They are more commonly available in 12th scale, but can be found in others.

So go and rediscover the joys of paper and glue, and get creative.

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