Cybiko Xtreme - Battery kickstart

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Buying a Cybiko Xtreme that requires 'battery zapping' or 'kickstarting'? Here's how to get the battery going - at least it worked for 5 of mine in less than 6 minutes per Cybiko...


  • Cybiko Xtreme with 'dead battery' - i.e. new, but won't hold charge.
  • Soldering iron (can probably do this without it, but I'm not recommending it).
  • Multimeter
  • Power adapter - 1000ma 3v to 5v - I used an Iomega Zip adapter.
  • Watchmakers screwdrivers - crosshead.


  1. Plug in the soldering iron - let it get to temperature.
  2. While the soldering iron warms up, select the appropriately sized screwdriver and unscrew the 6 screws holding the case together - they're tight and quite soft, so don't chew them up - get a good fit.
  3. By running a plastic blade (or your thumbnail) around the join, split the case - it is clipped together towards the top, so you may find it easier to start at the bottom of the case.
  4. Carefully open the case like a book - there is a ribbon cable that you should take care to not damage.

  5. Note that the red battery cable attaches to the +ve mainboard connection, the black negative cable sits immediately below.
  6. Melt and disconnect the soldered connections that connect the battery wires to the mainboard.

  7. Set your multimeter to read DC in the range 0-10v.
  8. Plug-in and check the polarity of the power adapter connector. The Iomega Zip adapter has a positive tip, and gives a nice solid 5v reading.
  9. Holding the multimeter probes to the appropriate battery wire, touch the probes to the correct connector section.

    Thus - Positive wire-probe-adapter, Negative wire-probe-adapter
  10. Watch the multimeter register 5v (or whatever your adapter kicks out).
  11. After a second or two remove the probe from the adapter - keep the battery wires on the probe though.
  12. If the battery is fit, it will continue to register a reading, otherwise repeat a few more times.
  13. When it holds a charge away from the adapter, remove the wires from the probes.
  14. Solder the wires back on to the mainboard and close the case - make sure you tuck in the wires without them running across the battery - the case should close really easily, if it doesn't check the lay of the wires.
  15. If after several attempts you don't get the battery to hold a charge, you're on your own... try replacing the cells... the battery pack is made up of two f6 prismatics in series (I believe).

Post fix:

  • Plug the cybiko into the USB mains charger.
  • The Cybiko should start and alert you that it is repairing Flash memory.
  • The Cybiko should finish repairs within 30 seconds, and boot to the welcome setup screen.
  • If there are any display issues, or the screen goes mental, then press the reset switch in the side.
  • Charge the Cybiko overnight (at least 5 hours should do it).



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