Cycling - Turbo Trainers

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I've tried Rollers with large diameter rollers and Rollers with small diameters.
I've tried the Tacx Cycle Force and Sirius Gel.

The large diameter Rollers are definately the best option out of these, you have to work to keep your balance and the resistance is more like the road than any of the others. However sprinting hard results in flying off the roolers, and puntures (from heat possibly).

Anyway, having said all that, this winter I purchased a Tranz X trainer, model JD 111, with low expectations, as I just wanted something to keep my legs turning over when the weather was really bad.

However, I was surprised by how good it was, and I would say it gives the most realistic road feel to the pedalling action. This is probably due to the massive flywheel wich builds up a good momentum. With the Tacx trainers, it always felt like pedalling through treacle. It could do with an extra notch of resistance (6 positions) and is slightly more noisy thann the Tacx models, but not enough to bother the downstairs neighbour. But the pedalling action outweighs any shotcomings, and even though the weather is fine, I still use it a couple of nights to keep topped up. That never happened with the others.
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