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  I am a huge fan of D&G watches.

My favourite is the JACLYN, it is a stunning watch and is available in four colours...

  • Clear Crystal Diamantes (black or white face),

  • Pink Crystal Diamantes,

  • Blue Crystal Diamantes,

  • The rarer Black Diamantes.

The Jaclyn is frequently available on eBay, particularly the Clear Crystal Diamante (pictured).

If you are considering purchasing a Jaclyn, before bidding always ask the seller for the wrist measurements as once these straps have been made smaller and links have been removed, they CANNOT be re-adjusted. They can easily be made smaller but not bigger!

I wasn't aware of this and I didn't think that purchasing a watch would be a problem to myself as I only have a tiny 6" wrist..... so I purchased a blue Jaclyn from eBay that stated that spare links were included BUT when it arrived the wrist size was even smaller than mine! It was when I took the watch for altering, that I was informed by two jewellers that they were unable to put the spare links back in the strap. A quick telephone call to D&G confirmed this and I was informed that the only solution was to purchase a new strap (which I did). The straps are only available direct from D&G at a cost of £40! So please disregard if the seller has listed the watch as having spare links included as they are of no use (but are always handy if you have lost any stones!)

The Jaclyn is a quality watch and I have not seen any fakes on eBay, although I'm not saying that there aren't any out there!

A genuine D&G will be engraved on the reverse and for peace of mind try and buy one with the original paper-work.

The only D&G fake watches I have seen on eBay is the NIGHT AND DAY (particularly the plain not diamante version) so please look at it carefully before bidding.

Please click YES as this is my first guide and hopefully I have been of help to someone and have even managed to save them £40!!!


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