DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting (Digital Car Audio)

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In contrast to the familiar analog radio (AM/FM 0.145 - 108 MHz), digital radio is broadcast with its 2 bands (Band III 174-240 MHz, L-Band 1452-1492 MHz) in a higher frequency range.

This is why it is necessary to add an antenna or replace the existing AM/FM antenna before it is possible to receive uninterrupted digital radio.

DDA - The Digital Directional Antenna (Car Audio Technology)

The digitized data is fed to an adaptive algorithm with low response times thus allowing two intermediate frequency signals to be combined giving a 3db antenna power gain.

In areas of strong reception the second regular receiver is freely available switching between DDA (digital directional antenna) operation making RDS background reception quick and inaudible, this is controlled by a logic that evaluates the current reception conditions.

Thus rapid radio frequency switching is possible without annoying radio frequency searches.

About Digital Car Audio

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Additional notes to In Car Digital

It is now possible to connect your digital car radio to your existing FM/AM car aerial !!

Premier Audio now sells a DAB Aerial Splitter

For DAB tuners, DIN antenna input

DIN AM/FM antenna output

SMB (f) DAB output

A simple add on splitter box  (Contact Premier Audio wordsley stourbridge)

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