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Here is a warning of the danger of cheap glass TV stands.

Be very careful with glass TV stands - as they are made with tempered "safety" glass they wont crack or show signs of a flaw - if there is a weakness in them they will just explode showering glass everywhere. I know this from experience as can be seen with my previous TV stand below:

This was a stand from Argos (now being sold under the Matrix brand). It is sold as being able to take up to a 70kg 42" Plasma TV. Yet my (approx) 20Kg 40" LCD TV make the top shelf explode showering glass across the room in all directions. I had been using the stand for over a year too so not as if I had overloaded it making it smash straight away.

If, like me, you buy a nice TV - dont bother buying the cheaper stands - no matter what their specification is supposed to be. I personally will now not be using ANY glass stand as I think they are way too dangerous - regardless of the fact that alot of equipment was destroyed.

Hopefully this has made you think abit!

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