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Since this seems to be the only way to get any reaction from this vendor I am posting this warning to potential buyers.

I purchased three Warhammer items from this vendor and postage came to a staggering £13.42. When the package arrived the total postage paid was £1.84 (Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard). I queried this with the vendor and received no response. I chalked it up to experience but decided I was unhappy enough to post negative feedback. I received an imediate reply begging me to withdraw the negative feedback and if I did the vendor would refund £15 imediately but telling me that the costs included postage, packing and insurance. (No insurance was paid on standard second class and the packing was a polythene bag.) I agreed to withdraw feedback but am still waiting for my promised refund. This from a person who claims:

" however i always put custiomers 1st i cherish my feedback, i will refund you £15.00 money is no object before relationship with my customers.
please withdraw the feedback comment your left us and a refund will be inssued immediately of £15.00. please do this asap for me im trying to make a living on ebay "

I contacted Ebay about this but basically once you have purchased an item and paid Ebay wash their hands of it. Excessive postal charges are one of the big problems about buying from EBay and it about time they did something about it. 

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