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Hi Guy's...

We have all come (or yet to come) across another ebayer that will place a fake bid or will bid without paying especially from Nigeria or South Africa - this is becoming a common occurance and is very annoying to deal with however there are certain measures in place (as i have experienced) to protect yourself and to reduce this saving you time, money & the hassle....

1) Use the ''Preferences'' found on the bottom left hand side of your ebay page under ''My Account'' option to change your preferences to match your needs, for instance we all know scammera or time wasters will not have a credit card/financial details registered on there a/c and will most certainly have a low feedback score (1 or lower) therefore you can change your settings so that no one with a feedback score of 5 or below with no credit card details registered can buy/bid on any of your auctions! There are tons of other options to stamp out fraudsters/time wasters/fake ebayers/non uk bidders/ungenuine ebayers so i suggest you spend a minute or so playing with this as it is extremely easy to use!

2) If you wish to place someone you know or think you don't want bidding or associating with your auctions/ebay for what ever reason then simply go to ''Help'' at the top right side of any ebay page & type in ''block a buyer'' & click on the 1st option where it will allow you to block out all ebay users who you wish not to either use/deal with/bid/buy any of your items meaning if you have been messed around once, don't let it happen again by using this free option courtesy of ebay as it may well do believe it or not!

3) Do you ever get people bidding then refusing to pay as they have only realised the postage cost is too expensive or sky high - Then tough! You should only charge what you will be charged plus 5% in case prices inflactuate as they often do! This will ensure you collect 5% extra on each sale pushing up your revenues higher without ripping other people of or even without them noticing! Remember it is against ebay policy to advertise items for 1p & then charge postage for say £20 as this is classed as fee avoidance which ebay may punish you by freezing your a/c.

4) All ways obtain & keep your receipts, even if you have not used a registered or special delivery as you can always obtain a FREE certificate of posting from the post office so that in the unlikely event of a missing/stolen/damaged item then you have prove to posted it & without this you cannot make a claim against royal mail - Fact! I always get a packet full of free stationary from the post office so that before posting items always fill in the correct paperwork before queuing up saving time/money & other people waiting behind you! You can get hold of FREE customs invoices/templates/recorded + special + posting slips & much more besides so make use of it if it's free.

5) If you are fed up with dealing with other ebayers from abroad then simply don't - stick to the UK & you will find you will have just the same amount of sales/profits/customers but the choice of having to deal with another user in the same country as you & less chance of having a breakdown in communication.

6) Spend atleast 30 min's browsing the community sections as there are tons of FREE advise/forums/chats rooms & a hell of a lot to learn, i am a great believer in learning form other peoples bad experiences & this is the ideal way of avoiding others peoples mistakes - prevention is better then a cure!

7) Finally, ever wondered if royal mail was the only postage service around for us ebayers! Thank again as there are lists of small medium courier companys set up by the big players such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX specially designed for ebayers as there is a lot of money to be made by these ventures so try them & see if they can help and save you money, a few to name are; fastlanefwd, parcelfusion and

Personaly i would recommend Parcelforce for medium sized or to big for standard royal mail network sized parcels & TPG for uk/europe/worldwide for small to large parcels of value (over £150+) & royal mail for rest!


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