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As both a buyer and past seller, I have had many varied experiences on Ebay and I thought I would just talk about it a little.

It seems that because of the "anonymous" nature of the Internet, some people seem to relish the thought of being rude, and uncouth online knowing that their identity is hidden.  With some sellers, you email them and they will not reply for one reason or the other, this is rude and hardly how you expect a potential business transaction to go.  Sometimes you send items to a buyer, communicate well with them, but it seems they have bought from you with the sole purpose of giving you problems, and being rude with bad manners.  Some people are aggressive and hostile, despite the fact that with a little effort, patience and cooperation, things can be sorted out and dealt with amicably.

Well, of course I myself am no saint, but I have found that the best way to deal with these difficult, aggressive and at times hostile types of people (who we can meet in all walks of life even off the Internet) is to be as polite as possible to them.  There is nothing worse than two hostile and rude people.  You will not be able to solve anything.

So, if you are dealing with a particularly difficult individual on Ebay, be as polite as possible and keep all your emails just in case they may try to twist the story and tell lies later on.  Always try to communicate well with your buyer or seller, and try to make sure you both reach a satisfactory conclusion on a problem.  Communicate well with your buyer/seller, thank them and be polite.  Just because you're buying something from someone, it does not give you an automatic right to be rude to them, threatening them with bad feedback etc.  Sometimes feedback can give a snapshot of events, unfortunately it doesn't always identify fraudulent or dishonest ebay members who are trying to get something for nothing or cause trouble unnecessarily.

It costs nothing to be polite, and in some cases  it can make a  huge difference to the overall buying or selling experience on Ebay.  There is nothing wrong with being gracious, something that seems to be lacking nowadays.

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