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I have been selling professionally on ebay and via a website for over 9 years.  There have been 1000's of transactions that have gone smoothly resulting in happy customers

Sometimes things can go wrong, be it royal mail, couriers, paypal, ebay, the list goes on.  Buyers on the recieving end of problems mostly are understanding and patient, making it easy to complete the transaction properly

Every once in a while you will eventually get someone that is rude, abusive sometimes even threatening - we had one customer who were buying our products and selling them on there own ebay store.  They purposely bought an item (that they relisted in there shop using our description and picture) and left a bad feedback the next day!!!! stating in the feedback foul language, abusive comments and threats.  Of course ebay removed it due to offensive language but it shows the nature of some people

We also dealt with a customer who was on the recieving end of a courier mix up - his item arrived a day late because of the courier mixing his address with someone elses...the item was signed the next day and his postage refunded.... the buyer however emailed to state this..... along with - nearly a page long of swearing, physical threats and disrespectful remarks towards my staff and myself.  After reporting it to ebay he was suspended and the negative feedback removed.

Also be aware of manufacturers/brand owners of items doing 'test purchases'.  They are also known for buying an item from your ebay store and deliberately leaving low detailed seller ratings or negative feedback.  (Its also common for them to harass you via your email address).  

To provide the best customer service and to avoid/deal with disgruntled rude people here are some tips:

Be Honest:  If a problem with the order, collection or stock comes up - be honest and inform the customer, state that a problem occured and offer a reasonable solution in a polite manner

Send out courtesy emails within 7-10 days after posting an item - customers will appreciate your personal interest in the transaction

Collect seperate proof of posting dockets for each parcel: All you do is ask business collections or the post office for a printed reciept for every parcel.  If a customer questions whether you sent an item, simply scan and email it through -

Dont use Capital letters in any reply: its easy to misinterpert as loud and aggressive

Keep all Communication on the Ebay 'my messages' console.  Ebay now monitor all communication from buyer to seller.  Any buyer who breaches the rules by harassment, threats, or unfair demands can now be reported and blocked

Avoid !!!!! exclamation marks, they indicate loudness and aggression if used following a response to a query

Offer a phone number: sometimes a human voice is reassuring and helpful

Report  any abusive buyer to ebay.  

If a buyer swears or makes rude comments which are out of place - DO NOT respond with similar remarks, you will make matters worse.  Instead, relax, be honest or report to ebay - if they continue with the abuse you dont need to speak or respond any further - cut the conversation


All in all, sometimes you cant avoid nasty people - still follow these steps and you can handle it as best you can.  Mantain your integrity as a person and a seller and your feedback levels will be very very good

If a buyer leaves a negative feedback contact them directly by email and request to address the problem, ebay have a Feedback Revision Request (go to help and type in Feedback Revision Request form) you can send this to buyers that have left a negative feedback and request that they change it to a positive once the query has been addressed.  Ebay allow one rating to be altered for every 500 so do use sparingley

Hope this helps people who are having feedback problems

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