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I would strongly urge sellers to describe their items for sale in detail. I often see listings with 'in vintage condition' or 'in plyed with condition' - these terms can hide a multitude of flaws! If a buyer buys an item that is thus described and the item is damaged the seller says 'you should have asked questions! I personally do not feel it is up to the buyer to ask the questions! The seller should be responsible and above all, HONEST about items listed for sale.

eBay strongly urge sellers to describe items accurately and in as much detail as possible. They even allow 12 photos FREE in listings, so any flaws or damage can also be photographed as well as described.

'IN PLAYED WITH CONDITION' may cover messy hair or a doll or a few scratches BUT NOT missing digits, chewed feet, damage to legs etc.

Show dolls nude as well as clothed (if clothes are included) so buyers can see for themselves the condition of the doll.

All this is particularly relevant if you are buying from the USA - only recently I have been caught out with a purchase where I had to not only pay for the doll, but also the shipping AND customs charges - only to find the seller had not adequately described the doll, nor pointed out the damage. A small refund does not compensate in this case and to send the doll back to the USA with trackable shipping (as Paypal require tracking on returned items for a refund).


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