DETHEG 1977 selling quads on paper fpr £40

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I was looking for a quad on ebay for my son and as you do you look and compare the rip off merchants and geniune sellers.One advert look promising so i clicked read the info about these quads the new ones out also informed people that they could buy bulk if starting your own buisness, the normal stuff. It was not on very high bids around £40 which seemed cheap, as i carried on reading in small green letters it informed people it was actually a book! I understand he had actually informed you it was a book but at the very end and his wording on the product was very misleading. The seller detheg1977 has made quiet a bit selling these pieces of paper a couple  of his feedbacks were off buyers who also found it a con. He is also selling info on mini motos but it was buy it now ranging from 50p to £4.So how come he never put a cheap buy it now on the quad book, cause he knew he was misleading people and as its coming up for xmas and people are wanting presents and they see his advert and bid. But once you have bought it your stuck.PLEASE READ DESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY DONT LET PEOPLE LIKE DETHEG1977 GET YOUR MONEY FOR A BIT OF PAPER.  

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