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hi, just writing this guide if you are thinking of buying a used diesel consider the following b4 buying. there is a myth that diesels are dearer to keep than a petrol also thah they are dirtier and messier than the a petrol. also that they are noisier and a noisey engine means that the engines faulty etc. well lets sort this out.


1. diesels are more economical than petrols

2 diesels are in some cases dearer to service than petrols but you get your money back.

example.  i drove a ford galaxy 2.2 tdi  from rochester kent to bristol (jan 06)  a full tank cost me £80 quid.

on the way up and backdown we had the air con going and were were doing speeds that were quite fast *** per hour. the car was carrying 7 people.we did a round trip and then the following day we went to southall on the same tank and as we were approaching the m20 junc4 the diesel light came on. so 5oo mile plus the air con going etc.,

two weeks later we went to bristol again and this time we hired a vauxhall zafira 1.6 life(basic petrol) i tankd it up with £74.00 petrol.same journey as we approached bristol the petrol light came on. we only had 4 people in the back. on the way back i had to tank up again for £60 which gave me just under a whole tank. the comparison ?

diesel is a few pence dearer but is worth it. if a diesel engine is noisey theres no need to worry. usually they take a few minutes to warm up. diesels also smoke when they start again not to worry. the newwer a diesel is the less noisey it is. if the pulling is not there there are several things to look for .

when were the glow plugs changed ?

is there any oil in the sump if so is there enough ?

these usually solve any problems. if your diesel will not start in the morning then either the compression is going or your battery needs to be checked. if possible bump start it. if it starts then the chances are you left something on.

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