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Fuel Theft Solutions

Please be aware that there are sellers on ebay that are selling fake fuel dyes . Any fuel marker sold  in the UK has to be approved by HMRC  for use in the UK  !!

Approval for its use must be stated in all adverts.

If you are invited to attend a roadside check and you are using "colours or inks" in your fuel you will be asked for your product approval from issue

Please contact your local road fuel testing unit who will be happy to clarify this point

Customs and Excise have the power to impound your vehicle and levey a charge

To date, Fuel Theft Solutions and Dieseldye are the only approved seller on ebay

what should I do ?

  1. Buy only from a registerd supplier
  2. Ensure that the product has approval from HMRC
  3. Ensure that it is not an "ink"

Check that dyes imported from the US, have approval to be used in the UK !


We at Fuel Theft Solutions understand that the rising cost of fuel and increased theft has a great impact upon profit margins and that a cheaper dye/ink may appear to be a more viable option against theft, however, using a non tested and non approved product may affect your engine,  your fuel integrity and the vehicle may be liable to seizure.

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