DISNEY PIRATES - Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

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Disney's first classic released in 1937.   Conviced that it would fail, the Hollywood film industry labelled the film 'Disney's Folly'.  Oh how they were wrong!   Plenty of poor pirate versions around.  If you're buying, make sure you purchase an authentic version, as displayed below, that has the Disney hologram.

UK Specification R2 Versions available:

1 Disc Edition                2 Disc Collectors Ed            Collectors Ed bookcase cover



Release Dates:

1 Disc Edition & Collector's Edition: Oct 2001

Current status : DELETED.  Rerelease planned Oct 2008.


Movie Trivia: Fifty ideas for the dwarfs names and personalities were listed in the film's proposal; the list included all of the names finally included except Dopey and Doc (Dopey being the last to be developed). Some of the dwarves were: Awful, Biggy, Blabby, Dirty, Gabby, Gaspy, Gloomy, Hoppy, Hotsy, Jaunty, Jumpy, Nifty, and Shifty. Sneezy was a last-minute replacement for Jumpy.

If you are going to purchase this DVD, don't waste your money on the scores of bootlegs, pirates and illegal imports (ie fakes) that are listed on ebay. Buy a genuine copy of this magical movie and you will not be disapointed. For advice on how to spot a pirate and to see examples of pirate copies of this DVD sold on ebay check the disneycalendar.co.uk website.

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