DIY Acid Wash Jeans

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DIY Acid Wash Jeans

Acid wash jeans make an edgy fashion statement. The bleached, distressed appearance of these jeans makes otherwise ordinary denim stand out. Acid wash jeans have come in and out of fashion over the years. While it is possible to purchase acid wash jeans at the store, it is also possible to create them at home out of regular jeans. This simple process requires only a few common household items, and takes almost no time at all. Once consumers know how to create acid washed jeans, they can create a unique clothing item they can add to their wardrobe.

Collect Supplies

The first step in creating DIY acid wash jeans is to gather the appropriate supplies. First, consumers should choose the jeans they want to acid-wash. The type of denim determines how the pair of jeans looks after the acid washing process. For instance, black jeans turn a light brown, while pale blue jeans may turn white.



Household Bleach

Discolour denim

Spray Bottle

Apply the bleach


Spread the bleach onto the jeans

Rubber Gloves

Protect the hands from the damaging effects of the bleach

Most of these supplies are items that reside in almost every household, and should be easy to obtain. Finally, users need water to dilute the bleach before applying it and to wet the jeans before bleaching them.

Choose a Location

Bleach is very corrosive, and can damage many types of surfaces. Therefore, it is best to choose a surface that is impervious to the effects of the bleach, or to choose an area that one does not mind bleaching. Another way to protect the surface from damage is to lay down plastic sheets or cardboard sheets underneath the jeans.

Don Old Clothes

Because bleach is corrosive, it leaches the colour out of any type of fabric with which it comes into contact. Therefore, people who are bleaching their jeans should wear old clothes so they do not have to worry about whether or not they get a little bit of bleach on their clothing.

Prepare the Bleach

Next, whoever is washing the jeans should prepare the bleach. The manner in which the bleach and water should mix depends upon one's preference. For instance, full-strength bleach provides a strong acid wash, while a two-to-one ratio of bleach to water provides a lighter wash. The speed with which the bleach acts also depends on the strength of the mixture. Once the bleach is at the correct strength, users should place it in the spray bottle.

Prepare the Jeans

The person washing the jeans should prepare the jeans by wetting them thoroughly with water. Wetting the jeans in the bathtub and wringing them out should ensure they are wet but not sopping. Once the jeans are wet, the next step is to lay them down flat on the appropriate surface.

Apply the Bleach

The person bleaching the jeans then applies the bleach with the spray bottle. The exact manner in which this occurs depends on the desired effect from the acid washing process. For instance, applying bleach all over provides an extremely distressed look, while applying it only to certain spots yields a lighter result.

Allow the Bleach to Soak

Once the bleach is on the jeans, it needs to soak until it discolours the jeans. The amount of time this process requires differs according to the strength of the water-bleach mixture, but can take up to 20 minutes. Using a rag to rub the bleach into the jeans can accelerate the process and spread the bleaching effect.

Wash the Jeans

The last step in DIY acid washing jeans is to wash and dry the jeans. Rinsing the jeans before washing them removes most of the bleach. The washing process removes the remainder of the bleach from the jeans and prepares them for regular wear.

How to Buy Acid Wash Jeans on eBay

You can purchase acid washed jeans on eBay. Choosing the right type of acid washed jeans requires that you know what kind of acid washed look you desire, and the size of jeans you want. Finding acid washed jeans on eBay is a simple process. Simply enter a related search term into the search bar on any eBay page. You may then sort your results by a variety of factors.

If you prefer to create your own DIY acid wash jeans, buy a regular pair of jeans and the supplies you need. Once you know the steps for bleaching your jeans, create your own inexpensive, unique, and very trendy acid washed jeans.

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