DIY Aftershave

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DIY Aftershave

Although aftershave is essential in protecting a man's skin after shaving, some men may find spending for this product bothersome. Besides soothing and moisturising the skin after contact with a razor, an aftershave protects the skin from bacteria, and keeps out oil and dirt. Whether the aftershave is for one's own use, or a gift, a DIY aftershave is a great project. Making an aftershave is not only easy, but also cost-effective and fun. In addition, the user can fully customise the product to have the scent that he likes. To produce an effective men's aftershave, the consumer must mix the proper amounts of astringent, emollient, and fragrance.

Add an Astringent

Most people use warm water when they shave. This opens up their pores and leaves them vulnerable to dirt. An astringent shrinks and closes the pores, thus keeping any dirt out, and sterilises any cuts from shaving. Rubbing alcohol is a popular astringent as it is cheap but it may be quite hard on the skin. Other possible astringents include rum, vodka, and gin. While these are milder than rubbing alcohol, they are pricier. Alternatives to alcohol include distilled vinegar and witch hazel.

Add an Emollient

An emollient functions as a moisturiser. Besides softening the skin, it keeps the water in and reduces irritation after shaving. There are many emollient substances buyers can use in their aftershave, with one popular product being glycerine. This inexpensive ingredient is present in almost all good shaving products as it keeps the skin smooth and moisturised. Besides glycerine, men can add liquid lanolin or mineral oil into their aftershave mix, as well as a styptic compound such as potassium alum.

Add Fragrances

Although not essential, fragrances give an aftershave a personalised scent. For pleasant, therapeutic smells, many users add essential oils into their DIY aftershave. Menthol and eucalyptus oil, for instance, feel cool on the skin and smell fresh. Citrus oils smell sweet, fresh, and sometimes tangy.

Besides oils, users can put some spice in an aftershave to emulate the scent of some masculine perfumes. Common spices and herbs people use in DIY aftershaves include cinnamon, dried bay leaves, and cloves. Adding orange peel, lavender, and cucumber is also possible. With so many aftershave recipes available online and in health magazines, any man should find the right mix for his skin and preference.

DIY Aftershave Recipes

To create their DIY aftershave, all users have to do is to mix the ingredients and leave them to sit for a while. A simple DIY aftershave recipe requires only three ingredients. To make this aftershave, users mix a quarter cup rubbing alcohol with half cup water and one teaspoon of their favourite cologne into a bottle. They then shake the mixture well and it is ready to use.

Mint-Cucumber Aftershave

For a fresh, moisturising aftershave, men can try mixing mint and cucumber. In any jar or bottle, users just mix a half cup rubbing alcohol, a quarter cup witch hazel, a tablespoon glycerine, a pinch of potassium alum, and up to five drops each of peppermint and cucumber oil. After mixing the ingredients well, men can use the aftershave immediately. If users feel they do not need the alum, they can always leave it out of the recipe.

Bay Rum Aftershave

One popular men's aftershave is the classic bay rum. Luckily for DIYers, this aftershave is easy to make. In a dark or covered bottle, users mix a half cup of vodka, two tablespoons of Jamaican or black rum, two dried bay rum leaves, a quarter teaspoon ground allspice, one broken cinnamon stick, and some fresh orange zest. For this recipe, men must remember to use bay rum leaves, or Pimenta racemosa, and not regular bay leaves. Alternatively, they can use Bay West Indies essential oil. After mixing the ingredients, one must store the bottle in a cool, dark place for two weeks, and strain the mixture until it is clear.

How to Buy DIY Aftershave Ingredients

Making a DIY aftershave at home is easy when you have all the ingredients you need. By shopping on eBay, you can purchase the ingredients you need often at affordable prices. Just use the eBay search bar to look for your items, and choose the most suitable ones. Choose the right astringent based on your skin's sensitivity, and if needed, purchase an emollient as well. If you plan to make aftershave frequently or in large batches, try purchasing some ingredients, such as rubbing alcohol, in large containers. Besides protecting and soothing your skin, a DIY aftershave can have any fragrance you want, and is very affordable to make.

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