DIY Anniversary Gifts for Him

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DIY Anniversary Gifts for Him

Hand-made anniversary gifts open the door to time spent reminiscing about the years the couple has been together and provide a daily reminder of the love and commitment that it takes to have a strong marriage. A DIY gift idea has to be thoughtful and unique, but also fairly easy to create. It should also be affordable and involve materials that are easy to find. Craft supplies are available at craft supply shops and online through reputable sites like eBay. Using eBay makes it easy to put together a personalised gift for him. 

Customised Mug

For a sweet reminder of love every time he has a cup of tea, create a one-of-a-kind design on a white ceramic mug with a black permanent marker. A romantic quote that goes around the mug, or the date and a simple message like 'Still in love with you', are just two ideas. Place the mug in the oven and then heat it to 220 degrees Celsius. Let the mug bake for 30 minutes and then leave it in the oven to cool down completely. Inexpensive ceramic mugs work better than high-end china mugs because the glaze melts and combines with the marker to create a design that is dishwasher-safe and long lasting. Thin black permanent markers are excellent for this project.

Wedding Photo Holder

A large photo frame and a computer and printer are the only necessities for this anniversary gift. First, type out a special text like the lyrics to a favourite song, a poem, or wedding vows. Use this as the border for a photo of a special moment, like a wedding photo. Alternatively, use a photo-editing program to place the words in white italics script on top of a favourite wedding photo. Print with photo paper for a high-quality gift at an affordable price.

Printable Coupon Book

Make a list of special favours and type or write them on pieces of paper. Ticket or coupon designs are freely available online to print out, and then fill in the blanks. Glue the paper on pieces of card stock. Punch holes in the cards and bind them with ribbon to present a loved one with a booklet with 'coupons' for kisses, breakfast in bed, special date nights, and more.

Anniversary Scrapbook

A scrapbook is a great way to document the highlights of time spent together. Besides just photos, a scrapbook includes mementos like ticket stubs, love letters or notes, quotes, stickers, and labels. Plan a quiet evening to spend flipping through the book. It could even become an anniversary tradition. Scrapbooking is possible with just glue and a variety of materials, but markers, punchies,, and mixed media make it even more special. A beautiful scrapbook takes time and effort to pull together.

Personalised Wall Hanging

Digital photo printing makes professional-quality wall hangings accessible to anyone. For this simple yet beautiful reminder of the strength of love, download a large map, with or without city names and text. Using an image processing computer program, paste text on the picture that says 'Home is wherever I'm with you'. Print it out as large as the resolution of the image allows and draw small red hearts on every location where the couple has lived during their married life. This is the perfect gift for military families or couples who move frequently.

Latitude-Longitude Key Chain

Men who dislike ornate or flowery expressions of romance are sure to love this special token to accompany them during the day. Choose a special place like the location where he proposed or where the wedding took place. Look up the latitude and longitude of the location online. Use these coordinates to create a personalised key chain that only he understands. Making the key chain is as simple as buying a blank metal or wooden key chain and writing or engraving the coordinates on it.

How to Buy Craft Supplies on eBay

Finding all the necessary supplies to make the perfect gift for your partner is easy on eBay. Everything from ceramic mugs to clear key chains to photo frames is available from sellers around the world. To purchase your supplies on eBay, just go to any eBay page and enter a search term like 'photo frame'' in the search box. Then browse through the listings or refine the search further by price, type, or other criteria. Look for eBay's Top-rated sellers who are marked with an award icon. eBay's wide selection and low prices make it a cinch to put together a one-of-a-kind gift that he treasures for years to come.

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