DIY Bike Trailer

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DIY Bike Trailer

Trailers add functionality and purpose to bicycles. The trailers haul goods and come in a variety of colours and designs. Buying a new trailer is sometimes expensive and the features they are equipped with are not always customisable. For those wishing to purchase a trailer on a budget, and with certain specifications, a DIY trailer may be the answer. With the right supplies and a little know-how, building a trailer to suit a bike is not as difficult as it may seem. Do-it-yourselfers can find the needed supplies at retail shops or purchase them on eBay at a more affordable price.

Decide on the Type of Trailer

Bike trailers come in an abundance of styles and materials. It is important to decide which type of trailer works best for its intended purpose. Consumers can opt to choose a trailer from scratch, or they can begin with an already moulded frame. The exact specifications can vary, but the end result should be a trailer that is secure and can perform the tasks needed. With a few steps and the right supplies, building the perfect one is easy.

The Wheels

Perhaps the most essential part of a bike trailer is the wheels. While a variety of wheels work for the purpose of a trailer, bicycle wheels are the most readily available and budget-friendly. The wheels need to be small, strong, and equipped with a thick axle. Wheels between 20 and 26 inches are best, and an axle with a 0.04-inch diameter provides the most stability.

The Frame

For the frame of the trailer, four boards 0.5 inches thick and 34.5 inches in length and four boards 0.5 inches thick and 31 inches in length are required. To ensure proper bolting, four of the 31-inch boards should have notches spaced approximately 0.5 inches apart on the outer edges. Two of the longer boards need 0.5-inch notches on the edges, 4 inches from each end. The remaining long boards should have notches starting at 0.5 inches from the ends with six in total.

Bolt the boards together with 3-inch bolts. It may be necessary to make simple adjustments or use a wood file as the process goes along to ensure that the boards are flush and secure.

Boxing It In

Boxing in the trailer is the next step in the process. Lay a sheet of 0.25-inch plywood flush with the bottom of the frame. Cut out rounded grooves on each side of the plywood to accommodate the clearance of the wheels. With 0.38-inch bolts, secure the plywood bed to the frame.

Take 1-by-1-inch moulding, cut to the exact size and place them on the edges of the plywood sides. With 0.75-inch wood screws, tightly bind the joints for added stability.

Take a sheet of 112-by-23-inch plywood and screw it to the rear of the trailer frame. Adding plywood sides is optional dependent on the needs of the builder.

Finishing It Off

The last step is to bolt the entire frame to the axle. Through the eight separate joints that surround the axle, drill 0.25-inch holes and secure them with 3-inch bolts. This keeps the frame securely connected to the axle.

Once the bike is complete, the finishing touches are optional. Some builders may decide to paint the trailer or add decals, while others decide to leave it with a natural look.

Changing the Specs

While the above information gives exact measurements for the supplies needed, the size of the trailer is modifiable. For those needing a larger trailer, the exact measurements may vary, but the scale of the boards should all change uniformly. The size should depend on what a person is hauling.

Size of Trailer Length (meters)

Typical Uses

0.91 to 1.22

Carry groceries, animals, and other small items


Transport bicycles, ladders, and tools


Carry lumber and other larger objects

It is essential to make sure not to exceed the maximum weight limit of the trailer. This ensures safety and durability during transport.

How to Buy DIY Bike Trailer Supplies on eBay

Buying the needed supplies for a DIY bike trailer does not have to be challenging. By shopping on eBay, you have the option of searching for the exact product needed or filtering a group of products by size, price, or condition. This helps to ensure that you find the supplies you need easily and within a budget. When you find the parts needed, make sure that you are purchasing them from a top-rated seller. This enhances your overall buying experience. Trailers serve a variety of purposes and can add style and usefulness to a bicycle.

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