DIY Bird Feeder

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DIY Bird Feeder

Bird lovers place bird feeders outdoors to supply bird food for varied bird species. The success of attracting birds to bird feeders depends upon several factors that include location and types of food. Different species that visit during different times of the year prefer certain food types. Most bird feeders provide birds with seeds, such as millet, sunflower, Niger, and canola seeds.. Bird lovers often build their own bird feeders for bird watching and recording bird activity that they upload to the Internet. First, they should review the types of DIY bird feeders and learn the steps required to build a long-lasting bird feeder.

Categories of DIY Bird Feeders

Bird lovers have to consider several factors before they decide which type of bird feeder to construct. By far, the most important factor involves building a bird feeder that prevents squirrels from raiding the supply of bird feed. Wood feeders mounted at least 10 m away from the nearest tree can protect a bird food supply. However, wood bird feeders tend to break down due to wood rot and exposure to weather elements. Bird lovers should consider tube, platform, and peanut feeders.


Bird lovers can mount tube feeders on a pole or hang the feeders from perches far enough away from trees to deter squirrel invasions. Most manufacturers construct tube feeders with high-grade plastic that squirrels have difficulty chewing through. Bird lovers should consider larger DIY tube feeders that possess between four and eight perches for large birds to sit. Extended tops store reserve feed that automatically drops into the feeder tube.


Most bird species gravitate to platform bird feeders. Platform bird feeders offer open designs that allow birds easy access, as well as have perches where they can easily spot approaching predators. Platform feeders can hold myriad birds at the same time, which means the easy-to-build bird feeders appeal to birds that flock in migration.


Peanut bird feeders appeal to smaller birds that cannot find perches at large bird feeders full of dominant birds. Bird lovers who do not possess the skills required to build more elaborate bird feeders should be able to connect the few parts that create peanut bird feeders.. Woodpeckers and starlings enjoy feeding from peanut feeders.

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

Do-it-yourselfers should consider cost and complexity before they choose the materials to build their own bird feeders. In addition, they should build bird feeders that mimic feeders found in the tube, platform, or peanut categories.


Bird lovers require wire, a rolling pin, pliers, wire clipper, and a can to make this tube-like bird feeder. They simply wrap wire around the rolling pin and spin a tightly wound spiral at the bottom to hold seed. Cut off a small section of wire to make a hook that allows bird lovers to hang the spiral feeder. Bird lovers should insert heavily-scented fruit or seed-covered pine cones within the spiral bird feeder to attract birds.

Tea Cups

Pet shops sell tea cup designed bird feeders, but the feeders typically run at the higher end of the price range. Bird lovers can find discounted used tea cups and build their own tea cup bird feeders. They secure wide stakes into the ground and sit tea saucers on each stake. Bird lovers can also glue the tea cups and saucers. Tea cups work best for bird lovers who want close ups of individual birds.

Porcelain Platform

With sturdy rope tied tight to a deck or porch overhang, bird lovers can enhance the style of a platform feeder by using a porcelain plate and bowl. The plate, which shades birds as they feed, ties to the end of the rope and connects to a long, slender steel rod that holds the bowl. Several small-to-medium sized birds can dine in comfort at the same time. In addition to the porcelain plate and bowl, bird lovers need washers, nuts, glue, and an eye bolt to complete this bird feeder.

How to Buy Bird Feeders on eBay

Bird lovers can search for a wide variety of bird feeders on eBay, as well as sellers who offer the materials required to build DIY bird feeders. The key to finding the right seller involves typing specific keywords into eBay's powerful search engine. For example, you can search for sellers who offer eithernew or used bird feeders. In either case, once you reduce your seller list to a handful of candidates, review the information that eBay places on each seller's product page. Closely examine the enlarged bird feeder photographs to determine the condition of each bird feeder under consideration. To expedite delivery, only consider eBay bird feeder sellers who live in the United Kingdom..

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