DIY Bridal Bouquet

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DIY Bridal Bouquet

Bridal bouquets play an important role in most weddings. When it comes to choosing a bouquet, the options are many, and some of the options from which brides choose include minimal bouquets and elaborate bouquets, bouquets made with different flowers, as well as bouquets made with succulents. The good news is that brides do not have to buy bouquets because they can make them on their own.

To make a DIY bridal bouquet, access to the right supplies in crucial. Buyers can turn to flower markets and supermarkets, although online platforms like eBay can serve as one-stop shops. In any case, charting out a plan ahead of time can get buyers to narrow in on what they need.

DIY Bridal Bouquet Tips

While a number of women opt to make their own bridal bouquets to save money, it is not the only reason. Some women want to make sure their bridal bouquets are unique, and by creating a DIY bridal bouquet, this is easy to accomplish. Irrespective of the reason, certain aspects require attention.

First, brides should decide upon the type of flowers. A good way to find affordable options is to look for flowers that grow locally. Ensuring that the seller has enough time to make the delivery is the next step, and ordering extra ensures that there is no shortage of flowers while making the bouquet.

Supplies for a DIY Bridal Bouquet

A DIY bridal bouquet project requires more than just flowers. Other floral supplies that come in handy when making bridal bouquets include wire, needles, thread, glue, glue gun, florist ribbon, floral foam, pearl strands, brooches, pins, wooden dowels, bouquet holders, and different kinds of fabric like lace, tulle, satin, and organza. Buckets and water keep flowers hydrated.

Choosing a Suitable Design

The Internet is home to a plethora of DIY bridal bouquet designs, and many have produced desired effects in the past. Alternatively, it is not uncommon for a bride, relative, or friend to design a bouquet, which ensures uniqueness. The design, however, requires that people address aspects like size and shape. A good way to choose a suitable size and shape is to get the bride to pretend that she is holding a bouquet just below her waist line. The bride's physical appearance requires attention. For example, petite brides carrying large bouquets can look awkward.

Working With Flowers

Fresh flowers are the most common choice when it comes to DIY bridal bouquets. Given that flowers do not last long, it is important that they do not arrive too far in advance. Those who are making their own bridal bouquets should have a plan in place ahead of time and should know what is required in terms of flowers, stems, greenery, and decorative elements.


Once the flowers arrive, they should go into water, ideally in a refrigerator, until preparation begins. Prepping the flowers requires removing leaves. Since this can result in considerable waste, working in open spaces is best. Working with flowers, like Ranunculus and hyacinths, that come with floppy stems requires that they remain upright. This is easy to achieve by inserting floral wires into their hollow stems.

Working on the Bouquet

The design of a bouquet should be in place before the actual assembly begins. Using some kind of foliage or greens adds shape and volume to a bouquet, as well as fillers like Solidago. The first step in making a bouquet is to work on the centre. Once the centre is complete, brides should use floral tape to keep it together. Building along the original design and once the size and shape are completed, use different kinds of twine to secure and hide stems. Wrapping twine around exposed stems multiple times ensures that they stay in place, and to conceal the twine, brides should use florist ribbon. Once the bouquet is secure, it is time to add finishing touches. Finishing touches comprise of different elements, like glass pearls, ribbons, and brooches.

How to Buy Supplies for a DIY Bridal Bouquet on eBay

eBay provides buyers with access to just about everything required to make a bridal bouquet because many top-rated sellers have supplies, like fresh flowers, floral foam, wires, bouquet holders, florist ribbon, and wooden dowels. When it comes to flowers, the range includes varieties like roses, lilies, orchids, tulips, gerberas, daisies, tracheliums, blue thistles, and freesias.

Some sellers on eBay offer deals with free delivery, which can lead to savings. When dealing with local sellers, buyers can opt sometimes to choose their orders in person for free. Buyers can enter what they are looking for into the search box found on every eBay page and click "search".

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