DIY Cushions

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DIY Cushions

Cushions add comfort and style to any room. On sofas or dining room chairs, they create an inviting and pleasant atmosphere in any home. Sometimes, after years of use, sofa cushions begin to look and feel worn. Creating new cushions is an easy do-it-yourself project that only requires a few supplies and a little time. In addition, it is quite easy to make vibrant cushions for kitchen chairs that provide a touch of colour and much-needed comfort. Review what supplies you need and the instructions on how to make DIY cushions before beginning the project.

Supplies for DIY Sofa Cushions

To make DIY sofa cushions, you need several supplies. First, a sewing machine is necessary for this project. Other supplies include paper, a writing utensil, measuring tape, heavy-duty thread, scissors, a 25-cm zipper, and fabric protector spray. Foam is also necessary if you are making entirely new cushions and not planning to use the foam found in the current sofa cushions. Once you collect all of these items, you are ready to begin.

Making Cushions for Sofas

Start by taking measurements of all of the dimensions of the sofa cushions you plan to replace, making a sketch of the cushion, and noting the measurements. Next, cut the fabric, preferably upholstery fabric, according to the measurements. Be sure to cut the fabric with approximately 6 cm of extra fabric as a margin on each side. If desired, make a pattern instead using large sheets of paper and tracing the outline of the cushions. Do this for the top and bottom of the cushion, as well as the side panels. Once you cut out all of the pieces, install the zipper in the back side of the cushion, using a sewing machine. Next, sew the side pieces to the bottom piece, and lastly, attach the top piece. Turn the fabric inside out and the cushion cover is ready for use. Remember to sew from the inside of the fabric. It is also of utmost importance to follow the pattern or measurements exactly to avoid creating crooked cushions.

If you are replacing the foam in the cushion, there are two options. First, you can purchase the foam already cut to the measurements you need. The second option is to buy a large block of foam and cut it down to the right size. The second option is a bit more time consuming, but it is not difficult to cut the foam to the right size and shape using an electric knife.

Once the foam and cover are ready and the cover is in place, you may want to apply a coat of fabric protector spray. The cushions are then ready to place on the sofa and enjoy.

Supplies for DIY Chair Cushions

To make chair cushions for kitchen or dining room chairs, you need several supplies. These include medium-density fibreboard cut to size, a staple gun, scissors or a utility knife, four carriage nuts and bolts, a drill gun, spray adhesive, foam, fabric, and clamps.

Making Cushions for Chairs

To begin, clamp the fibreboard to the seat of the chair and drill four holes at the four corners of the chair through both the chair and the fibreboard. Be careful not to drill into anything underneath. It is also a good idea to sand the corners of the fibreboard and cover them with duct tape so they do not tear through the fabric. Next, lay the fibreboard on top of the foam and cut the foam to the same size as the board. You can do this using either scissors or a utility knife. Then, place the fibreboard back on the chair and put the carriage bolts in place. Using the spray adhesive, glue the foam to the fibreboard. The spray adhesive must dry for a few minutes before proceeding. Next, cut the fabric to fit the cushion, leaving about 10 cm of excess fabric on each side as you cut. Finally, staple the fabric into place on the bottom side of the fibreboard and cut of any excess fabric left on the edges. The cushion is then ready to place on the chair and fasten into place with the carriage nuts.

How to Buy Supplies for DIY Cushions on eBay

Everything you need to make DIY cushions is available for purchase on eBay.. Shopping for the items is easy and convenient. You can begin by typing "upholstery foam", "upholstery fabric", "fibreboard", or any other supply you need into the eBay search bar. Filter results by condition, price, and free shipping if desired. Remember to look for good deals offered by eBay's Premium Service sellers. Whatever supplies you need to renovate a sofa or kitchen chairs, you are sure to find them at a great price on eBay.

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