DIY Dog Bed

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DIY Dog Bed

Dog owners love pampering their pets, and a great gift for beloved pooch is a DIY dog bed. It is possible to find simple and affordable ready-made dog beds, as well as expensive, custom-made models with elaborate designs and features. However, those that enjoy DIY projects can build their own dog beds to create unique pieces that pets adore. Some DIY dog beds require basic carpentry and sewing skills, but others just need creative thinking and a coat of paint. Pet owners can find supplies to make dog beds in DIY shops, charity shops, car boot sales, and online at eBay.

Adapt an Old Table

One of the easiest ways to create a stylish, inexpensive dog bed is to adapt an old piece of furniture. An end table is transformed quickly into a four-poster dog bed by turning it upside down so that the legs become the posts and the underside becomes the platform. Choose a table that is large enough to accommodate the dog comfortably.

Create the headboard by cutting two pieces of scrap wood to fit in between two of the legs on the short side of the table. Screw the headboard into place about half way up the legs. Trim about 25 millimetres from the bottom of each leg. Add finials or old doorknobs to decorate the posts. Fix them securely so that the dog cannot dislodge them. Add 50 millimetre blocks of wood or screw-in bun feet to what used to be the top of the table to create new legs for the bed.

Paint the table, including the top, underside, and posts. Leave the bed to dry thoroughly. For a mattress, either buy or make a cushion that fits into the table. Alternatively, use a pillow that the dog is already comfortable to use as a bed.

Upcycle a Vintage Suitcase or Drawer

Use an vintage suitcase or a drawer from a dressing table that is large enough for the dog to fit in comfortably. Remove the top of the case by unscrewing the hinges. Find or make a pillow that fits snugly inside the case or drawer and cover it with a piece of fabric, allowing enough excess on all sides to tuck it in securely. Alternatively, cut two pieces of fabric with an interesting pattern and make a slipcover to hold the pillow. For an extra touch, add a set of short screw-in legs to the bottom of the case or drawer.

Use a Baby Cot Mattress

For larger dogs, some basic carpentry skills and tools are required to turn an old baby cot mattress into a spacious dog bed. Use a large sheet of 19 millimetre thick plywood, some wooden panels, and four large bun feet. Cut the plywood to 1300 millimetres by 710 millimetres. Cut the wooden panels into two lengths of 1300 millimetres, two lengths of 710 millimetres, and two lengths of 760 millimetres.

To create the bed supports on the underside, apply glue along each short side of the plywood about 100 millimetres away from the edge. Lay each of the 710-millimetre panels over the glue and secure them with 25 millimetre screws.

Turn the plywood over and line up the 1300 millimetre lengths panels with the sides to create the edges of the bed. Glue them into place and secure them with screws from the underside. Repeat this step with the two remaining 760 millimetre panels. Screw the short panels into the longer panels to secure them firmly. Screw the bun feet to the bottom of the bed. Fill in any holes, and then sand and finish with a stain or paint. Leave the bed to dry thoroughly. Add the baby cot mattress and cover the bed with a blanket or canvas sheet.


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