DIY Facials

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This guide will show to you how to get that salon facial feeling in the comfort of your own home, as a spa therapist I understand the importance of having a good skincare routine.. not only is it a nice treat to yourself but it also helps get rid of the dead skin cells it also helps to prevent premature ageing, keeps the skin feeling soft and smooth and spot-free (drinking enough water also helps!)

It's not hard to do and can save you a load of money by visiting a salon less, it is advisable to still go to a salon for a facial because even the BEST DIY facial cannot beat the results of a professional, salon facial as they use premium salon products but also because they have been taught the most effective way of getting the products to work their magic!


So here is the Step-By-Step guide to DIY Facials:


1. Remove make-up

This is EXTREMELY important as many people will remove their makeup with baby wipes or cleansing wipes which is acceptable but not ideal.. it is far better to invest in a face and eye makeup remove especially for the eyes as the eye area is very delicate and can be easily damaged with will cause it to become prone to ageing lines.

For face+eye makeup remover I recommend L'Oreal De Maq Expert Cashmere Milk Cleanser Makeup Remover which is great for all skin types and even removes stubborn waterproof mascara, others I recommend include Boots Cucumber eye makeup remover and SIMPLE also do a great range of eye makeup removal products which I have not tried but heard great reviews about.


2. Power Cleanse

If you don't have one GET ONE! A cleanser helps to remove those impurities in the skin and any remaining makeup that haven't budged from the 1st step. Cleanse your face with your cleanser once making sure you remove the cleanser (in accordance to their instructions) thoroughly as cleanser residue can cause the skin to breakout. Once you have finished the 1st cleanse, do another one with the same cleanser but this time concentrating on areas of concerns or areas that need that extra bit of TLC.

NEVER EVER EVER USE SOAP + WATER!! Soap strips the skin making it really bad for the skin especially on the face as the skin on our face is much more delicate than our body. It is also advisable to avoid using soap on the body as soap stirps the skin of its natural oils leaving skins feeling dry and tight, and at risk of premature ageing skin.

I recommend the Elemis cleansers if you like a creamy cleanser (all skin types), For those who prefer foaming cleansers try Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel (all skin types) which is a soap-free cleanser which looks like a clear gel that helps to cleanse deeply without stripping the skin's natural oils. The SIMPLE range does great cleansers however I've never tried them myself so I cannot recommend from experience but they are a great high street choice as they do not contain any mineral oils or lanolin which are cheap oil-type fillers found in most high street cosmetics, parabens or free radicals which can damage the skin.


3. Get Steaming!

By steaming I mean placing a face flannel in hot but not boiling water rinse dry with your hands and place over the face for about 2-3mins, this will help open up the pores and letting the skin breathe. If you wish you can purchase essential oils such as tea-tree, lime and/or lavender which are all anti-bacterial, astrigent ingredients that help prevent the spread of bacteria and future breakouts (you would only need 1-2 drops of oil at one time - do not apply essential oils neat onto the skin unless it is tea-tree or says otherwise). DO NOT use any essential oils except ROSEWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL during pregnancy. If you wanted to, you can massage our face with a rich emollient or a carrier oil i.e. grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil into the face to help put some moisture back into the skin.

I recommend The Body Shop tea tree oil or Holland & Barretts tea tree roller, Elemis Lavender Essential oil, Elemis Lime essential oil and Elemis Rosewood essential oil for pregnant women (Elemis does a great range of products that can be used during pregnancy).


4. Exfoliate

Use an exfoliator for your skin type; if you have normal skin you will be lucky enough to choose from the wide range of exfoliators available over the counter from a really grainy texture to a more creamy, non-granular one; if you have more combination/oily/congested skin a more granular exfoliator like a facial scrub would be better to help cleanse in deeper than mild exfoliants, if you have dry, mature or sensitive skin a cream-based exfoliator or mild (beady instead of grainy) exfoliator would be a better option;

For normal skins I recommend St. Ives Apricot Scrub, combination/oily/congested skins I recommend St. Ives apricot scrub blemish fighting, for dry, mature or sensitive skins I recommend the rich and divine smelling Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel (creamy, non-granular exfoliator) or Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant which you have to mix up yourself with water as it is in powder form but is simple and easy to use and feels great on the skin (it also has brightening agents which is noticable after immediate use).


5. Masque

Purchase products for your skin type there are several good masques out there with one affordable for everyone, Boots and Superdrugs stock a wide range of face masques which are easy to apply and you can find one that does what you need it to do whether you are looking for a deep cleansing masque (try clay-based masques) or ones to help brighten the skin (try peel-off masks)

I recommend Montagne Mud Masques from Boots or Superdrugs which are cheap and cheerful for all skin types or target parched skins with the Elemis exotic cream moisture mask which can be left on overnight as a face treatment and can also be applied to other areas of the body in need of a moisture boost.

6. Tone & Moisturise

This is the last step to the DIY facial, toner is very important as it helps tone the skin, removes any remaining cleansing products that was put on the skin previously and increases the absorption of moisturiser into the skin; it is ideal to invest in a good toner and usually most toners are suitable for all skin types although delicate skins that are sensitive may wish to purchase toners specially designed for their skin type instead of a generic one.

Use a good moisturise preferably one with SP-Factor min. of 15 'built-in' the moisturiser, for those who want a hint of  colour should try moisturisers with  a hint of tan and those who cannot go out without a full face [of makeup] should try a tinted moisturiser then if needed top up with foundation.

I recommend Olay Everyday sunshine with SPF15 (available fair-light, medium-dark) which contains a sunless tanner for a hint of colour, Olay Complete Care Touch of Foundation (available  fair, medium or dark) which is a great tinted moisturiser that gives a light coverage to the face and would be great as a base product.

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