DIY Furniture Restoration

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DIY Furniture Restoration

Furniture restoration is not only for professionals; it is easy for amateurs to complete restoration projects at home. There are many ways to restore damaged or dreary furniture. The process is often more affordable than buying new pieces. Before starting a project, it is important to consider the existing interior design of the room and which restoration technique is best suited to the item of furniture. Painting, reupholstering, upcycling, embellishing, and distressing bring new life into old pieces. Buyers can find supplies for DIY furniture restoration at specialist craft shops, DIY stores, fabric shops, and online marketplaces, such as eBay..

Paint Furniture

Painting is the easiest way to restore a worn piece of furniture. It is great for wood, metal, and glass surfaces. For the best results, ensure that the surface of the furniture is clean and smooth before applying a fresh coat of paint. Paints come in a variety of finishes, including gloss, semi-gloss, and matt. A high gloss finish makes a table, chair, or dressing table look more modern and creates statement pieces. For a subtle look, use a matt finish. Choose colours that either match or contrast with the existing interior design of the room. Those with creative skills can also paint designs in multiple colours to customise the furniture.

Reupholster Furniture

Reupholstering furniture requires tools, including a staple gun, hammer, and pliers. Before removing any existing upholstery, check whether it is stapled, glued, or sewn into place and use the same technique to attach the new fabric. Keep the old piece of fabric to use as a template for the replacement material. If the upholstery is in the form of cushions, then make new cushion covers used a sewing machine equipped with a needle that can handle thicker upholstery fabric.. It is possible to use standard dress fabric, however, bear in mind that is not designed to be hardwearing.

Upcycle Furniture

Upcycling takes old pieces of furniture and gives them new life. It is an environmentally friendly way to restore an unused item. Convert a low dressing table into a seat by attaching a panel of wood over the top and making cushions. Alternatively, remove the drawers and use the piece as a bookshelf.

Use a taller dressing table in the kitchen as an island. Place a hardwearing material on top to create a sturdy work surface to prepare food. Paint the dressing table so that it blends in with the kitchen's design. Use the drawers to store pots and pans. Alternatively, remove the drawers and use the space to stack plates and display herbs and spices. Attach hooks to the sides to create paper towel and utensil holders..

Embellish Furniture

Another easy way to restore furniture is to add elegant touches that detract from any wear and tear. Remove old handles and knobs and replace them with crystal or vintage brass handles.. Apply decals of calligraphy, flowers, or abstract designs over worn patches. For tables, chairs, and ottomans, use contrasting designs to create unique pieces, for example, by replacing the legs on a modern item with those of a Queen Anne-style.. Add fringing in a complementary colour to cover damaged seams on the cushions of chairs or sofas.

Distress Furniture

The shabby chic style is a movement in interior design where furniture is distressed, either by age or a creative process, to provide an antique look. This process uses vintage pieces with obvious signs of wear and tear or creates wear on new pieces. For a worn look, remove paint from wooden furniture in strategic places using sandpaper and then use a kit designed to repair scratches in wood to enhance the look of the unpainted areas. The key to creating authentic-looking distressed furniture is to remove paint from areas that naturally receive the heaviest use over the years.

Buying Supplies for DIY Furniture Restoration on eBay

eBay allows buyers to find supplies for DIY furniture restoration projects easily. Simply enter keywords, such as " high gloss white paint" into the search bar that appears on every page. Use the category filters to narrow down the results or add more specific keywords, such as a brand. Furniture restoration is an environmentally friendly and affordable way to return worn pieces to use. Painting is an easy way to freshen up an old item. Reupholstering requires extra tools, but is a great way to restore the fabric on chairs and sofas. Upcycling gives a new purpose to unused pieces, while embellishing can disguise areas of wear and tear.

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