DIY Gift Ideas

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DIY Gift Ideas

There are few things more meaningful than home-made gifts. Making DIY gifts for friends and family allows people to express themselves creatively, and gift the people they love with something completely unique and one of a kind. Tailor DIY gifts to recipients in any way.

For instance, a grandfather who dotes on his grandchildren may love a photo gift of his beloved grandkids, and a girlfriend who loves taking hot baths and doing spa treatments may enjoy home-made bath scrub. Making gifts at home not only costs less than purchasing gifts at stores, but it is also thoughtful, and DIY gifts are fun projects to spend time on.

Photo Gifts

One of the most priceless gifts is a photograph. One idea is to create a photo frame and place a special picture inside. Purchase a wood or plastic frame and use a hot glue gun to add seashells, beads, sequins, or fabric to the frame. For a funky frame, place scrapbook paper or candy wrappers onto a frame using Mod Podge and a paintbrush.

Create a slideshow set to music on a computer, and burn the finished slideshow on to a blank DVD. This allows the recipient to enjoy hundreds of pictures. Make favourite photos into magnets or put them together to form a collage. For a cheap and fun present, copy photos and glue the copies together to form a photo wreath, or place photos inside empty ball ornaments to hang on the tree.

Home-Made Gifts for the Bath

Make some DIY treats for the bathtub. Create homemade bath scrub using just a few simple ingredients. Mix together kosher salt, olive oil, and essential oil for a simple scrub. Use sugar instead and add lemon juice, honey, and olive oil for a citrus scrub. Put the scrubs in glass jars, and add a loofah to the gift.

For the holidays, a peppermint foot scrub and soak is perfect. Mix together baking soda, Epsom salts, a few drops of red food colouring, and peppermint extract. The recipient simply needs to add hot water in a plastic tub to enjoy a scented treat for the feet.

Edible Gifts

Edible gifts include everything from making cookies or brownies, to filling up jars with hot chocolate mix or spaghetti sauce. For a tea drinker, add a mug, tea bags, strainer, and tea biscuits to a basket. Make coffee flavoured brownies for a java fiend and load them into an oversized coffee mug tied with ribbons.

Mix all of the dry ingredients for a treasured recipe, such as gingerbread cookies, and add a festive tag with the entire recipe in a glass jar. Gift a serving dish with food already on it, such as gourmet cheeses and crackers, or an assortment of home-made holiday treats. For buyers who are not skilled in the kitchen, recipes like adding spices to popcorn or making chocolate dipped pretzels are simple and make great gifts.

Gifts for the Home

Make a quirky set of mugs for a coffee loving pal by simply using a permanent Sharpie to customise a white mug with a funny phrase, hand drawn picture, or cute design. Frame postcards and give them as gifts, or make a piece of art using a paint-by-number kit with added embellishments to create something unique, such as song lyrics or words.

Create candle holders by using simple glass votive jars and adding details with a hot glue gun, such as festive spray painted twigs, ribbons or lace, or glitter. Make coasters using Scrabble tiles that spell out fun things, and glue them together with a glue gun. Add a piece of thin cork as a backing for each coaster, and make a set as a gift for a game loving friend.

Turning Items into DIY Gifts

For buyers on a budget, purchasing many types of gift-making supplies may be out of the intended price range. If this is the case, there are plenty of ways to DIY gifts from items on hand. All consumers need is a bit of creativity and time to turn items into cool, crafty presents.

Everyday Item

Gift Idea


Tea cup

Potted plant holder

Add potting soil and an easy-to-care-for plant in an old tea cup

Cake or dessert stand or platter

Jewellery and accessory holder

Spray paint a fun colour

Old candles

New layered candles

Melt down and mix together to make new candles

Empty honey container

Funky vase

Spray paint with gold or silver paint and add flowers

Old books

Holiday ornaments

Clip strips of text and fill empty ornaments, or decoupage text onto ornaments

It does not take much money to create a thoughtful DIY gift. There are things around the house that, when repurposed, craft into something completely different and interesting and make the perfect DIY gift.

How to Buy DIY Gift Supplies on eBay

Check eBay for everything you need to make amazing DIY gifts for friends and family members. You can do just about anything as long as you have the basics, so search for a hot glue gun, spray paint, or frames to get started. Find many items and get them for great deals when you shop from Top-rated sellers offering bulk discounts on shipping, and leave feedback for the seller when you are done with your transaction.

Making DIY gifts is satisfying, and you know the recipients are not likely to receive anything like your handmade creations. It makes the gifts so special, and shows you put time and thought into your DIY presents. Do not forget to make the gift wrap, too. There are many ideas for handmade gift wrap, including vintage book pages.

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