DIY Gifts for Boyfriend

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DIY Gifts for Boyfriend

Homemade gifts are sentimental, thoughtful, and sweet. In a love relationship, many people do not have the time to take to tell their boyfriend how they really feel about them. So for busy girlfriends, setting aside a few minutes to create a gift by hand says more than words ever could. Many DIY gifts for a boyfriend do not cost much to make and do not require professional level skills to pull off. Assemble some materials and make a gift that any man would love, especially when it is coming from the woman he adores. DIY gifts work for any holiday or birthday, and every occasion.

Messages of Love

Say the words left unsaid in a creative way by making a DIY message of love. One idea is to empty and rinse, then dry a vintage wine bottle. Write a sweet message by hand and roll it up, scroll-like, and slip it into the bottle. This is a cute idea that does not cost much or take long to make. Add little embellishments to the bottle if desired, and garnish with a gift tag. There are many ways to get creative with words, including making lists of the recipient's best qualities, or making a coupon book filled with paper coupons for items like a day of watching football or a massage.

Another cute idea is to gather a number of envelopes. Fill each envelope with a different type of letter. Use a marker to write on the outside of the envelope when the recipient should read each tailored message, such as when he needs to know he is loved, when he feels sad, when he needs encouragement, or when he needs to laugh.

Handmade Gifts

Purchase a plain, white ceramic mug and a permanent Sharpie marker. Write everything great about the recipient all over the mug. Another idea is to use photos to make a gift. Gather all of the best photos detailing the history of the relationship, and even baby pictures of the recipient. Make black and white photocopies of all the pictures, and use them to decoupage a trunk, memory box, or table.

If he has a sports team he loves, pay homage to his favourite team with a blanket. Purchase soft fleece material depicting the logo of the team or the team colours, and create an easy blanket by stitching two pieces of fabric together, and cutting fringe along the outside of the blanket for decoration. Another great gift for a man that loves comics and comic book art are homemade coasters. Use blank coasters, vintage comic book pages, and Mod Podge to decoupage cool comic coasters.

Edible Gifts

There are many cute edible gifts to make for a boyfriend. Create a cake using a heart-shaped cake pan and write a sweet message on it with frosting. Fill a gift bag with candies and write phrases on the tag, such as "Sweet on You" for a sweet surprise. Make homemade fortune cookies and fill them with personalised fortunes. Another option is to fill a jar with his favourite spices and herbs, so next time he makes a steak or throws some shrimp or chicken on the grill, he has the perfect rub nearby.

Homemade cookies in a glass jar are a traditional and beloved option, or for dinner, serve pizza made in a heart-shaped crust with a heart pizza pan, and cut the pepperonis or vegetables into small hearts. Make sugar cookies in the shape of hearts and put reasons for love on each cookie, and gather them in a box.

Gifts for Tools

For men who enjoy working in the garage or building things, tools are a necessity. However, men sometimes need help organising their favourite hammers, saws, and wrenches. Create a pegboard for his tools with a piece of pegboard cut to the desired size for his hardware and paint it. After painting the board with a wide paintbrush, allow it to dry completely and frame it. Secure the pegboard to the wall with hardware for hanging, and add hooks to the front for all of his tools.

Creative DIY Touches for Boyfriend Gifts

Make each DIY gift for a boyfriend even more special and personal by adding something unique and one of a kind.

Type of Gift

Unique Touch

Love notes

Spray perfume on the messages or put on bright lipstick and leave a kiss print

Handmade items

Personalise items to his specific interests

For comic coasters, use his favourite characters

Edible gifts

Gift him with his favourite type of candy, cookies, or spices, not just random flavours

Personalise gifts with sweet, handwritten tags

Tool pegboard

Paint the pegboard his favourite shade

Ensure the board is large enough for all of his tools, and pegs are adjustable so he can move them around

Customise each present to what he likes to make it even more special and exciting. Handwritten notes are always better than typed, and including special memories or inside jokes makes the gift specifically tailored to him.

How to Buy DIY Gift Supplies on eBay

Find everything you need to get your creative juices flowing on eBay. Purchase a plain white coffee mug to personalise yourself, along with a Sharpie marker, or find great deals on vintage comic books to cut up and make coasters out of. Search for items from Top-rated sellers who have many successful transactions.

Making a DIY gift for your boyfriend shows him how much you love him, even if you are not the creative type.

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