DIY Headboard

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DIY Headboard

Purchasing a headboard is costly, and does not offer much room for customisation. Making a DIY headboard encourages creativity and costs less for consumers who do not have the funds to purchase an expensive wrought iron or solid wood headboard. There are many ways to make a cool and engaging, one-of-a-kind DIY headboard. Buyers do not have to be professional crafters or builders to make a whimsical, fun, and personalised headboard to fit into the design scheme of the bedroom. All that is required is some time, a few simple materials, and the decision on what kind to create.

Upholstered Headboard

It is simple and fun to make an upholstered headboard that easily costs less than what a pre-made upholstered headboard costs. Buyers do not need to know how to sew to make this type of headboard. To create a DIY upholstered headboard, purchase a few items for the base of the board. Foam core board works well for DIY headboards, but consumers also use a piece of plywood cut to the desired specifications. Choose the type of material for the headboard, and buy the items to go inside the headboard, including foam batting or fleece to create the bulk of the board.

For a foam core board, cut the shape of the board as desired and cut the board into the shape with a craft knife. Use scissors to cut the material so it covers the entire board with some leftover so it wraps completely around the board. Use fusible fleece for the filling, which attaches by using a spray bottle filled with water, or use adhesive spray and foam batting. Once the bones of the board are complete, wrap the fabric around the board and staple it to the back of the board, or use a hot glue gun. Add buttons, trim, or other embellishments to the completed headboard.

Creative Craft Headboard

Make a nontraditional headboard using everyday items. One chic idea is to paint the wall behind the bed using chalkboard paint, and use chalk to draw a fancy headboard above the bed. Another idea is to use a folding screen as a DIY headboard. Simply unfold the screen and place it behind the bed. Place framed pictures above the bed in the shape of a headboard for a unique design, or place a vinyl decal the size and shape of a traditional headboard where a headboard goes. This is versatile, because decals come off easily.

Spray paint PVC pipes and put them together in the shape of a headboard. In the centre, hang a banner, flag, or piece of cloth using grommets attached to string. Light up a dark room with a piece of plywood cut into a headboard shape and painted a dark colour, such as navy blue or black. Add glow in-the-dark stars and some twinkle lights for a magical headboard perfect for a child's bedroom.

Repurposed Item Headboard

Take a look around at some items hanging around in the garage. Consumers could have the perfect headboard right under their noses. Some cool ways to repurpose an item and turn it into a headboard include things like antique doors which can be painted and turned into a headboard. To use old pieces of wooden furniture, sand them first to remove any splintered pieces, and paint them to renew them. A giant piece of artwork that may not fit on any walls makes a cool statement headboard, and an oversized mirror looks chic and contemporary when used as a headboard.

Things like vintage shelves filled with knickknacks, a giant cork board decorated with mementos, and even curtain rods on either side of the bed draped with curtains to form a canopy make creative additions to a bed in lieu of a traditional headboard. Repurpose, paint, fix, or use various items to create a brand-new headboard which costs less than purchasing one.

Unique Headboard Supplies

Consumers looking for a cool, unique headboard that costs little to make need not look further than their homes, garages, or a local flea market or vintage store. Repurposing old items or using old items for a different purpose creates a second life for an item as a headboard. Use your creativity and style to find what these items do in terms of DIY headboard supplies.


DIY Headboard Idea

How to Hang


Pile books up in tall stacks against the wall to form a headboard shape

Place the bed flush against the stacks of books

Antique dresser drawers

Remove dresser drawers and stack them with the open sides facing out vertically and horizontally

Screw drawers together and use them as headboard shelves

Use cleats to hang the dresser drawer headboard to the wall so it is secure

Oversized picture frames

Place wallpaper squares inside the frames instead of photographs

Hang the frames to form a headboard

Fireplace screen

Paint the screen a cool colour

Finish the screen by adding copper paint with a sponge for a distressed look

Hang the screen on the wall behind the bed, folded flat against the wall

It is fun to recycle and reuse old items and make them into an exciting headboard. There are many options for creating and customising a headboard using a number of household items and furniture pieces.

How to Buy Headboard Materials on eBay

Search on eBay for fun supplies to make a unique DIY headboard. Look for things like " vintage shutters" and "folding screens", or get supplies to build your own headboard like lush fabric for an upholstered headboard or foam core and batting. Purchase items from sellers who have excellent feedback from previous buyers and numerous positive transactions.

Making a headboard is more fulfilling than purchasing one, and a tailored headboard is perfect for your specific bed size, colour scheme, and personality. Easily create a headboard from anything, from duct tape and cardboard to an old wooden pallet; all that is required is a few supplies and some imagination.

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